Charlie & Frog by Karen Kane is a Must-Read!

Looking for a great Mystery story for your kids? This one is great for ages 10-14! (Maybe a little younger or a little older depending on the kid). I also love how it teaches about sign language! This is a must-read.

We also had the opportunity to ask the Author a question and I love her answer to this one!

“DEAF CAN!” In Charlie & Frog, there is a statue at the school that represents a real-life true story about ASL’s origins. Frog’s dad explains that this is where her name comes from. Could you please share that story?

In Charlie & Frog, there is a statue at the school that represents a real-life true story about ASL’s origins. It is there because I took a piece of Deaf history and added my own twist. Inside the front gates of Gallaudet University, the world’s only university for Deaf and hard of hearing people, there is a statue of Alice Cogswell and Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet. Gallaudet was a neighbor of nine-year-old Alice, and even though she couldn’t hear, he was convinced she was intelligent and could learn. He proved it by placing his hat on the ground and writing the word “hat” in the dirt. Alice pointed to his hat, understanding those letters meant “hat.” Encouraged, Alice’s father sent Gallaudet to find a teacher for his daughter. Gallaudet went to Paris and returned with Deaf teacher Laurent Clerc. Together they opened the first school for the Deaf in Hartford, Connecticut in 1817.

Now comes my twist to this piece of Deaf history. In Charlie & Frog, Frog’s family history includes the story of Francine, the first child to be born Deaf in her family. The family learned about this newly established school for the Deaf, and planned a visit. When they arrived, they encountered Alice Cogswell sitting outside, studying a frog. Francine headed over to Alice, who signed “frog,” and pointed to the little hopper. Francine then repeated the sign “frog” and began hopping around. Two hundred years later there is now another bronze statue—this one of Alice and Francine, each signing the first letter of her own name. And a little frog sits between them.

Credit: Karen Kane.

Photo: Author, Karen Kane. 

Self Disclosure: I received a free copy of the book for participating in this Book Blog Tour. I only feature books I highly recommend and love this one! 

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