Busting the Biggest Bikini Myths

Just as it is with almost every other aspect of human life, there’s a lot of work that has gone into the understanding of bikinis and other swimwear. Due to all this, a lot of people have come up with a wide array of facts, some of which tend to miss the accuracy mark a little.

We’re here to debunk some of them and help you see the light.

Buckle up!

 Myth: White bathing suits have a wrong outlook because the color is really see-through. For the sake of your privacy, keep away from them and never put them on.

Fact: We all are aware of the fact that white bikinis look awesome. However, a lot of people tend to be very suspicious of these because of the fabric. Light penetrates through white easily, and it is possible for a person to look really hard and have a proper view of your naked body.

So, there is some truth in this myth. However, you should also know that not all white bikinis are like that. For instance, when you have a white bikini with a thick nude lining, any form of see-through effect will be effectively blocked. Your privacy will be ensured, and you will also be able to enjoy the aesthetic appeal that comes with wearing a white beachwear. For a beautiful white set that won’t show it all, feel free to check out Victoria’s Secret.

Myth: People who have the athletic body type should only choose bikinis that have ruffles and patterns in order to achieve a feminine look.

Fact: First, not every lady who has an athlete’s body wants to get that feminine look. If you don’t want to, then feel free to put on what makes you most comfortable. However, if you will like to get a feminine look, you should also know that you don’t necessarily need to force yourself into wearing frills. You can just as well put on a micro bikini like these and kill it. Just make sure that you look for details like seaming and cutouts that will provide a nice enhancement for your curves.

However, most importantly, make sure that whatever you are wearing makes you feel confident and comfortable. Those two are what matter the most.

 Myth: Women who have small breasts will need to use some padding so as to achieve that extra boost.

Fact: Actually, women who have smaller chests can just as well put on bustier tops and tops with deep necklines that will provide a risqué look on their bodies. There are a lot of bikini manufacturers that provide a wide array of these tops, and if you want some padding, that can work out pretty well for you as well.

 Myth: Women who have big busts should wear only one-pieces.

Fact: The fact that you have a big bust doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to go on covering every other part of your body. If you fall into this category, the major work that needs to be done concerns your choice of tops. To wit, just make sure that you go for a top that provides you with some extra support. Adjustable straps are also highly recommended. Think more of getting a halter top or a bandeau.

Myth: The most flattering bikini for plus sizes is a classic midrise set

Fact: Almost every plus-sized woman will find some nice fittings with bikini bottoms that have wide strings. This is because it is really easy to adjust them in order to void any unappealing lumps and lumps. However, if you will like to put on a one-piece swimwear, then make sure to find one that comes with some rouching, as this will help to make those troublesome areas smoother.

 Myth: If you’re looking for the most slimming bikinis, black is the go-to color

Fact: There’s no doubt to the fact that we’ve all heard that black is slimming. In all honesty, there’s a shadow of doubt to that statement. Grey also has a complementary look and compared to black, it actually looks even better on blondes.


When you’re searching for the perfect bikini this season, make sure to keep these in mind.

However, as stated above, remember that your comfort is the most important thing.


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