BuppaLaPaloo helps boost children’s confidence!

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There is really nothing more important that self-esteem. Did you know that 16.9% of high school students report being bullied? Did you know that 64% of students who are bullied never report it? Bullying is an epidemic problem in our schools today.

So, how do we end this madness and start developing children who are self-confident and love themselves?


Dee Wallace, who you will recognize as the mother from ET, has developed an amazing product that will teach children to love who they are, which in turn will create children who can love others. With her product BuppaLaPaloo, she has created a fabulous interactive toy, and a child’s best friend, that will promote self-love and will help nurture children and help them grow.­­­­­­


What is BuppaLaPaloo? It is an adorable bear that speaks self-loving phrases to children, which they in turn repeat back to the bear, stating them in first person: phrases like “I am so loved” and “I love me” and “I love my body.” Your child will repeat the phrases back, creating a powerful memory and a powerful beginning of a healthy self-esteem. Please visit the Kickstarter campaign to watch a video about BuppaLaPaloo and see why this product is going to change kids’ lives.

Check it out for yourself, by clicking here.

Self Disclosure: No compensation was received to post and no product was received. This is a courtesy posting.

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