Boosting your fertility

The most worrying part of planning for a baby is if you’re fertile. If you’re healthy and having regular sex – it should be no problem, in fact 70%-80% of couples get pregnant after around 6 months of trying. The best place to start is to getting yourself a Fertility Plus couples fertility test.

Boosting your fertility, the natural is an easy way to boost your chances of being fertile and having a child within 6 months or sooner. There are many natural sources and methods to increase your fertility – for an example; eating rich antioxidants foods like high in zinc and folate, which then improves the sperms quality. There many studies that are available to research, but to give you another example of the effects of taking more rich antioxidants foods or even supplements increase their chances by 23% – so, it’s definitely something to take to mind.

For women, carbs are one to cut out of a diet or, at least cut down on the amount you eat. Having a healthy weight by lowering your carbs can reduce insulin levels and also have shown to encourage fat loss – which helps maintaining menstrual regularity. Although some studies have proven to decrease fertility, it’s a 50/50 subject as another study explained that women that ate more carbs were at a 78% greater risk of ovulatory infertility. There are countless studies to take information from, or even asking your GP for more information on the topic.

When it comes to keeping a balanced sugar intake and ridding your body of excess hormones, fiber is the best source for that kind of nutrient – certain types of fiber will remove excess estrogen by binding it inside the intestines. The example here being a study found that eating just 10 more grams of high fiber cereal per day can lower your ovulatory infertility by 44% in women over 32 years old. Bottom line is studies have found that eating too much fiber can interfere with ovulation – so best to keep it balanced.

A healthy diet with mostly being a plant base can also help you with fertility – whether it be cutting down on the amount of meat you induce eat week, to each month can heighten your fertility. Switching to a more vegetable protein increase your chances and high meat eaters where found to be 32% less infertile than people that cut down meat and stuck to a more plane based diet.

As much as a plant based is an option to take when trying for a baby – what also has sparked interest and had some positive studies taken place is choosing high-fat dairy. One study has taken in account the effects of eating high-fat dairy foods and found that consuming one or more servings can increase your fertility by a staggering 27% which is great for the planning stages and gives you something to look further into.

To end the topic I would say; do your research, find what fits you the best and your lifestyle.

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