Books of the Week!

Here are my favorites this week!

Have an Artist in your house or someone who loves to draw? These will be a big hit!


Discover the “Little Books” that pack a big punch from Walter Foster Publishing!

In this new series, artists and hobbyists alike will learn a variety of interesting art topics, including manga, hand-lettering, and sketching, in a small and portable format. Filled with practice pages, creative exercises, and fun prompts, these books are great for beginners looking to learn the fundamentals in an entertaining way.

The Little Book of Sketching is my absolute favorite! I love how it really seems to make drawing seem much easier! 

More than 100 quirky and clever ideas for sketching your way through daily life
by Matt Andrews.

$14.99 US, $19.99 CA

I am sure these other two will be a hit with your children!

The Little Book of Manga Drawing

More than 50 tips and techniques for learning the art of manga and anime

by Jeannie Lee and Samantha Whitten

$14.99 US, $19.99, CAN

The Little Book of Lettering & Word Design

More than 50 tips and techniques for mastering a variety of stylish, elegant, and contemporary hand-written alphabets

by Cari Ferraro and John Stevens

$14.99 US, $19.99 CAN

This next one is great for Middle School readers!

Flower Moon

by Gina Linko

Sky Pony Press hardcover, also available as an eBook.

Tally Jo and Tempest Trimble are mirror twins, so alike they were almost born the same person. Inseparable, but more than that. Connected.

 That is, until this summer. The twins are traveling with Pa Charlie’s carnival just like always, but there’s a new distance between them. Tempest is so caught up in her own ideas, she doesn’t seem to have space left in her life for Tally. And, more than that, Tally’s started to notice there’s something between them. Something real, growing with the phases of the moon, pushing them apart. Sparking, sputtering, wild. Dangerous.

 With the full moon approaching, Tally knows it’s up to her to find out what’s going on—and to beat it. If she can’t, she might just lose her sister. Forever.

 For fans of Savvy and A Snicker of Magic, this is a spellbinding story of friendship and family—a poignant ode to both what’s worth holding on to, and what we have to let go.

This one is a truly magical story! 

If you know someone who loves Unicorns, then this next book is a must! I know I loved Unicorns as a young girl! This is a delightful book from Cakespy founder Jessie Oleson Moore – Stuff Unicorns Love.


A whimsical, humorous imagining of what unicorns really think and what they truly love—including the history of these mythical creatures.

Glitter. Sparkles. Rainbows and shimmering manes. Sure, unicorns are magical, and their reputations have taken the world by storm, but how much do we know about what unicorns really think? Would they really drink that pastel milkshake you found on Pinterest?

In Stuff Unicorns Love, you’ll get a guided tour of unicorns’ most treasured things straight from a unicorn’s mouth—from food recipes, to their favorite activities.

Learn the truth about these adorable (and painfully honest) creatures, as well as the facts behind their origins. With illustrations and tons of fascinating unicorn facts throughout, this is a perfect gift for unicorn lovers of all ages.

Even as an adult, I loved this book!

JESSIE OLESON MOORE is a writer, cook, and illustrator. No, that’s not indecision: it’s a unique mix of talents that comes together in a magical and engaging form. She is the creator of, a popular dessert and baked goods related website set up as an online “dessert detective agency” dedicated to seeking sweetness in everyday life. CakeSpy has been featured in The New York TimesSaveurSunset MagazineFood & Wine,Bon AppetitOThe Oprah Magazine, and The Boston Globe. She is the author of two cookbooks and two coloring books, including CakeSpy Presents Sweet Treats for a Sugar Filled LifeUnicorn Coloring Book, andAnother Unicorn Coloring Book. In addition to running CakeSpy, Jessie has also written and illustrated forSerious Eats,, Peanut Butter and Company, Pillsbury, The Wisconsin Butter Board,, SaveurTaste of Home, and Microsoft.

Self Disclosure: I received free copies of the above books and only feature books that I highly recommend! Cover images and information were also provided. 

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