Books for Back-to-School

So. Many. Letter Stickers.: 3,820 Alphabet Stickers for Word Nerds (Workman Publishing; on sale August 23, 2022; $12.95 US) mixes the nostalgia of collecting stickers with the perennial fun of funky text.

Say it, shout it, spell it! Dedicated to the joy of matching a font to every mood, So. Many. Letter Stickers. contains 50 sticker sheets designed with a crafter’s eye so you’ll never run out of A’s. A differently designed alphabet lives on each sheet, ranging from bubble letters to typewriter font – a style for every occasion.

This sticker book is for every member of the family: kids looking to have fun, high schoolers decorating back-to-school notebooks, and parents getting organized. Add personality to a family calendar, create headings in a planner, decorate a chore chart, or have play around with the family—these are just some of the ways these stickers can be used.

So. Many. Letter Stickers. provides families with the perfect outside-the-box crafts activity that all ages will adore – or the perfect gift for anyone in love with their planner. Just pick a font, peel the stickers, and watch your pages come to life.

I love this book and it is perfect for children and adults! I am completing my last semester since I am doing a career change and I enjoyed using these on my notebook covers for my different Child development courses. You can find it at

This is such a fun read for back-to-school!

School Is Wherever I Am by Ellie Peterson, is a timely new picture book about learning and exploration, and the ever-expanding definition of school.

From making dinner with family to exploring your local park, there are opportunities to learn everywhere! In this charming, thoughtful picture book, author-illustrator Ellie explores learning, adventure, and the thousands of things you can discover outside of a classroom—about the world, about your family, about yourself. Because school is truly wherever you are.

As a past homeschooling Mom, I really could relate to this book and recommend it to all families! I really love the message that school can be anywhere at all!

Self Disclosure: I received free copies of the above books to facilitate this post. Cover images were also provided.

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