Bliss 101 Hosts Earthscape Artist Andres Amador – Sept 25

Bliss 101

Bliss 101, an Encinitas boutique that aims to help people find their bliss through fair trade treasures, is proud to announce that famed beach artist Andres Amador will be showing his artwork at their shop located at 553 S. Coast Hwy 102. The gallery showing and meet and greet with Andres will take place on Friday, September 25 from 6 to 9 p.m.

Andres Amador is known for his breathtaking art that features the low tide beach as canvas and a rake as brush. His earthscape paintings span hundreds of feet and are inspired by the landscape of where he is working. He will be visiting San Diego from September 25 toOctober 1 and will be participating in a number of community activities, with the only gallery showing at Bliss 101.

Bliss 101’s night with Andres Amador will consist of light appetizers, beverages and an opportunity to view gorgeous photography of Amador’s work while speaking to him about his creative process. The event is free and open to the public.


Andres is a San Francisco-based artist. His artwork can span over 100,000 square feet (~35,000 sqmt), achievable only during low tide. With tight time constraints and big goals, Andres is posed with the question: ‘How does one create from within that which one is creating?’ Exploring this concept of self-creation has brought Andres to investigate natural and human-devised systems of structure and growth. His artworks do not last long- within minutes of finishing a piece, and often while still in progress, the returning tide begins resetting the canvas. Andres has been featured by the BBC, CNN, Discovery Channel, and numerous T.V. programs and periodicals globally. His artwork has appeared on beaches in the US and internationally, with his primary canvas being the Northern California coastline. Website:

Credit: ANDRES AMADOR/ Bliss 101.

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