Assisted Living: 5 Commonly Asked Questions Answered

Seniors downsize and sell their homes to obtain safe and affordable housing during their golden years. Many move into independent living communities that provide them with a wealth of amenities. Some residents will need a bit of help with small tasks. By reviewing FAQs about assisted living, loved ones can find a great place for their elderly family member to live. 

1. What Is the Difference Between Assisted Living and A Nursing Home?

Residents in assisted living communities can live independently but need help with daily tasks such as dressing and bathing. The seniors live in their own apartments, but service providers, including in-home nurses, housekeepers, and maintenance workers, come to their homes to provide services.

A nursing home facility is for individuals who cannot take care of themselves and need around-the-clock nursing care. The residents who stay in the nursing home aren’t focused on independent living. They have illnesses that require careful monitoring, or the patients must stay in a secured wing if they have advanced Alzheimer’s or dementia. Seniors or their families can learn more about assisted living near me by scheduling a tour today. 

2. Who are Good Candidates for Assisted Living?

Seniors who are not too frail to manage most aspects of daily life can stay in an assisted living setting. As long as their nursing care doesn’t exceed simple tasks like grooming, getting dressed, or showering, the resident can live on their own.

In the communities, the seniors can get some services they need through in-home nursing and won’t have to move to a nursing facility. If they start to experience severe mobility issues, the seniors may need to stay at a nursing home through respite care if they are recovering from surgery.

3. Does a Nurse Manage The Senior’s Diet?

With assisted living, the residents can order meal preparation services, and a nurse will complete all three meals for them. The meal preparation services follow the doctor’s recommended diet for the individual that won’t cause issues with existing medical conditions. The residents can set up food delivery to their apartment or prepare their own meals if that is preferred. 

4. Are Family Members Allowed to Stay With the Residents?

Yes, family members can stay with the residents in the assisted living community. Some areas may have restrictions on how long a guest can stay, but guests can stay overnight with their loved ones. Most settings do not allow long-term visits of more than one week unless family members are in town for holidays. 

5. What Services Come With Assisted Living?

Among the services available to residents in assisted living communities are medication reminders, laundry washing, garbage removal, housekeeping, and meal preparations. Some communities host social events and offer transportation for individuals who can no longer drive themselves to doctor’s appointments or to shop.

Exercise rooms and swimming pools are available in certain communities to keep seniors in shape and promote a healthy lifestyle. Fitness programs such as yoga are also hosted in the community to give residents a well-rounded experience.

Assisted living opportunities focus on helping elderly residents continue to live independently when they need a little assistance. The individuals must be able to take care of themselves and only need aid with tasks such as dressing, bathing, or grooming. If the person’s medical condition requires 24-hour care, they must enter a nursing home. By visiting a facility, seniors and their loved ones find out more about the communities. 

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