8 Tips You Need To Look & Feel Your Best This Spring!

The winter woes are almost behind us; we’ve been cooped up, living under layers, craving comfort foods, working out irregularly  – and possibly even struggling with a spell of seasonal depression? Rejoice! Springtime is near and while we welcome the season happily, it’s a little easier said than done to adjust mentally and physically so quickly.

Are you ready to jump right into regular workouts? Ready to bare your bathing suit-body? What do new seasonal beginnings actually look like? Talk about pressure..
Spring Recharge: 8 Tips For A Healthy Seasonal Transformation

Nutritionist and Health Expert, Trishna Joshi, dishes on the top diet misconceptions, winter detox foods, ways to combat cravings, and more:

  • EAT THIS, NOT THAT: The winter months have had us reaching for warm (not waistline-friendly) comfort foods. Time to swap out those heavy foods for lighter variations that still satisfy your cravings. Trishna recommendstrying sautéed garlic spinach instead of creamed spinach and quinoa bowls topped with fresh, light flavors including roasted vegetables, vinaigrettes, lemon, and herbs. Opt for spaghetti squash or spiralized zucchini to replace pasta. The emphasis should be on lighter dressings and seasonings, fresher ingredients.
  • ON THE ROAD-READY SNACKS: The important factor here is to think about what foods that travel well and to pick snacks that will be play if they get bumped and do not have to be refrigerated. Nuts, seeds and kale chips are always a good choice: low in calories and in fat. Roasted chickpeas are high in potion and in starch that keeps you fuller longer. If you’re taking a cooler, opt for yogurt. Pair hummus and peanut butter with celery or cucumbers because they’re non-starchy vegetables.Remember that protein helps to satiate your appetite while sweets tend to make you hungrier.
  • BLOAT-LESS BITES: Hiding under layers has come to an end – we’ll be sporting spring dress and bathing suits shortly and now is no time for bloating. Trisha advises to stock up on fiber and potassium from bananas to help reduce water retention. Also reach for melons, leafy greens, artichokes, avocados, yogurt, cucumbers, tomatoes, berries, asparagus, almonds, and eggs.
  • EXERCISE EATS: What you eat before and after a workout is critical for energy, rebuilding and maintaining a healthy weight.
    • PRE-WORKOUT: Contrary to what you might believe, Trishna recommends to snack on carbs! Cereal, oatmeal, yogurt with granola, and peanut butter toast are all great options.
      POST-WORKOUT: You need to opt for something with protein to help replenish muscles: cottage cheese with fruit, an omelet, bean salad, pita with hummus, or chicken salad.

Wellness Coach and Fitness Instructor, Sonia Satra, re-energizes your mental and physical routines to get you springing into action:

  • THE POWER OF PERSPECTIVE: Just the mere mention of ‘bathing suit’ sends shockwaves through our system. Rather than approaching the layer-shedding season with the knee-jerk reaction of dread or anxiety, how about changing your perspective? What would be possible then?
    • BONUS TIP: Step into a variety of different perspectives on getting in swimsuit-ready shape – ask yourself, “What if I succeeded?” “What if I did nothing?” Say to yourself, “I feel sexy,” “It’s fun.” Listen to your body’s reaction to these new perspectives and choose one to focus on. Now fully embody this fresh perspective. Remember how it felt, what sound it had. Notice how your posture, breathing, even outlook changes.
  • DEFENSE KNOCKDOWN: How many times have you said, “I’ll start tomorrow?” or “I don’t have enough time in the day?” Transition and change almost instinctively activate the fear of the unknown and this is when our defenses go up. Many of us will choose to stay where we are just because it’s familiar. What small steps can you take daily that will help build your confidence and familiarity with this new unknown?
  • GO FOR THE GOAL: The ‘Mindset Reset’ challenge encourages you to break down larger goals into one specific and measurable goal because our brains are more effective when they focus on one thing at a time. Whether it’s giving up sweets or working out five days a week, choose a different piece of your goal that’s obtainable and awards you with “quick wins”.
    • BONUS TIP: In the world of instant gratification, the biggest hurdle is accepting that transformation won’t happen overnight. Shortcuts or an excessive approach for a week won’t help you reach your goal. We ultimately want lasting change instead of making diet and exercise a grueling seasonalthing – commit to one small goal every day that will get you closer to your bigger goal.
  • WORKOUT WARRIOR: A total mind and body transformation will come from making healthy habits – after awhile, these become practices you crave rather than dread. For maximum results, aim for 30-50 minutes per workout. Try doing 2 days of an intense workout (boxing or plyometrics), 2 days of moderately intense (running or biking) and 1-2 days of a lighter workout (Pilates or yoga). It’s also important to have a day or two to give your mind and body a chance to rest and recover.


TRISHNA JOSHI, The Fresh Diet’s Lead Nutritionist
Trishna holds a Bachelors of Science in Dietetics and Nutrition and her experience includes: Miami VA Healthcare System, Miami Children’s Hospital, Florida Department of Health WIC Programs in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties and Miami-Dade County Public Schools Department of Food and Nutrition Program. You can read more about Trishna here.


SONIA SATRA, The Fresh Diet’s Fitness and Wellness Expert
Sonia Satra, founder and CEO of the hot new fitness program Moticise, is a life coach, fitness guru and award-winning motivational speaker. Based on the science that exercise is an optimal time to focus, create, and plan, Moticise—Motivational Exercise—is a high intensity cardio workout that gets you in shape, while helping you create, plan, and live your dream life. You can read more about Moticise here.


 Self Disclosure: No compensation was received.

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