5 Tips for Putting Together a Wardrobe of Clothes and Shoes That Leave Room for Your Child’s Growth

An adage says that children grow like weeds. You will notice this once your recently bought clothes for your children suddenly don’t fit them anymore. How should you address this problem?

One solution is to create a child’s wardrobe for clothes and shoes, making sure that there’s room for growth. It also makes it easier to estimate their measurements, especially when you start buying more clothes. But how to measure your kid’s feet at home may be an issue. Ideally, you can use a measuring tape, ruler, or a foot-measuring gauge you can order online. 

How to buy clothes and shoes that grow with your child

You will be amazed at how fast a child can outgrow their clothes and shoes. Thus, it is vital to find a way of creating a wardrobe that consists of practical pieces.

1.  Anticipate the child’s height

Kids grow up quickly, so it is not easy to know how tall your child will be in a few months. However, you can use a height calculator to estimate their height. By using the calculator, you will have a good idea of which sizes to buy as they grow older.

2.  Look for hand-me-downs from friends and relatives

You know that your child will outgrow their clothes in a few months, so letting them wear hand-me-downs is a practical idea. It does not matter if the clothes do not fit them perfectly at that moment, as they will fit your child soon enough.

3.  Buy clothes one or two sizes bigger

It is all right for children to wear slightly bigger clothes. After all, it looks better than letting them wear small and uncomfortable clothes. You can fold back the sleeves or take up the hem if the larger size is too apparent. Buy a winter jacket, sweater, or raincoat that is one to two sizes bigger, so the outfit can last through a few seasons.

4.  Shop at clearance aisles or thrift stores

These stores are good places to find a range of children’s clothes in different sizes and at low prices. It might take time to find what you need, but you can be lucky to find new clothes and out-of-season items that will fit your growing child in a few weeks or months.

5.  Buy shoes that fit

It is not wise to buy bigger shoes for any age because the size can hinder movement and stability. What you can do when shopping for your child’s shoes is to ensure that they fit comfortably, with enough room to move their toes. Ideally, you should give a space of about 0.4 centimeters or 3/16 of an inch between the end of the shoes and the child’s longest toe. 

You have more options to buy oversized clothes than shoes for children. Ensure that the shoes you buy fit the child correctly, with enough space for their toes to wiggle. With some ingenuity and resourcefulness, you can build a child’s wardrobe with items that they can use for a longer period of time . 

Image: https://www.pexels.com/photo/two-children-standing-near-concrete-fence-35188/

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