5 Things every camper needs to sleep outdoors

Outdoor camping is an exciting activity. Time spent outdoors, especially around nature, is beneficial to your health. You get clean and fresh air, healthy and unadulterated sunshine, and you’re taken away from the stress and toxicity of the city. Sleeping outdoors may not be everyone’s cup of tea, and every camper needs to be prepared for it. If you’re planning for a camping trip to relax and unwind, take note of the following tips and must-haves in order to enjoy your sleep:


  1. Choose the right tent

Picking the right tent is important in ensuring you’re properly sheltered throughout your camping trip. There are many considerations in choosing the right tent. The most important is to check the capacity. How many of you are going to share the same tent? Are you sharing with your siblings who toss and turn at night? Do you have a companion that’s claustrophobic? The size of your tent is vital in ensuring you’re allocated enough space for you to sleep properly. Planet Camping offers some of the best brands when it comes to tents such as Easy Camp, Outwell, and Robens. Make sure to research well before buying. You want a tent that fits you and your companions comfortably, and at the same time is easy to set up and lightweight enough to carry during a hike.


  1. Invest in comfortable bedding

Sleeping in a tent is generally inconvenient. At the cost of being closer to nature you have to endure sleeping on the cold hard ground, with hardly any cushioning to give you a good night’s sleep. But don’t worry, the right bedding will solve that problem for you. Get a sleeping pad for your tent. You can get either a self-inflating one, an air pad, or a foam mattress. That’s the first layer. Then you can cozy in on your chosen sleeping bag for a good night’s sleep. Make sure that you got a sleeping bag that fits you right and has the correct temperature rating for your campsite destination.


  1. Bring appropriate clothes

Depending on the current weather on your campsite, the appropriate type of clothing may vary. But generally, make sure to have trekking boots or shoes, pants, shorts, t-shirts, and extra socks.  Extra underwear is a must. You may also want to bring a hat or a bandana, and rain gear in case the weather changes. Your sleeping clothes should be comfortable and light so that you can easily get warmed up inside your sleeping bag. And of course, for all the clothes you’re using up, pack them properly with a laundry bag.


  1. Don’t forget the food

Food is definitely important in any outdoor activity. Depends on the length of your adventure you may want to bring a portable stove for cooking. Fire starters such as matches and newspapers are essential as well. Don’t forget to bring your thermos too for a good ‘ol cup of hot chocolate. Water jugs, coolers, and plasticware for eating are also a must. And with all the food preparation you’re going to do, no doubt you’re going to leave a mess, so never ever forget to bring trash bags and take it along with you when you leave.


  1. Bring only the absolute essentials

It’s easy to get excited when adventure awaits, but don’t take your excitement to your luggage unless you want to end up slowing the team down due to your heavy bags. Stick to the absolute essentials when packing. Check your camping gear. Make sure you have a tent, sleeping bag, and all the tools you need to set up your shelter is present. Check your food and kitchen items – stove, matches, food, coolers, and water jugs. Try to delegate some items to some people to divide the load. Your personal items should be complete as well – clothes, toiletries, and first aid kit.

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