5 Project To Do With Your Kids This Winter

Winter can be a great time to enjoy different projects with your children. In the summer time, your family focus is probably on getting outside and enjoying the great outdoors. However, once the winter comes around, you’re probably more willing to stay inside and keep warm. However, just because the weather is turning cold doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy yourself with your kids. You just need to change your focus from outdoors to indoors.

With that in mind, here are five fun projects that you can try with your little ones during the winter months. You’re sure to love them and we know your children will too.

1.Cooking Up A Storm

Winter is the perfect time to hit the kitchen with your kids and start a cooking project. It’s never too early to begin teaching your little ones how to cook, and experts believe that children who get hands-on in the kitchen become more willing to try a wider range of foods and will naturally choose healthier options. With these benefits in mind, it’s time to think about cooking with your kids this winter. There are lots of brilliant cooking projects that you can try which will teach them all about healthy eating while also teaching them useful skills that will set them up for life. Hearty vegetable soups are just one thing that is fun to prepare with the children. Weighing, measuring, chopping and peeling are all jobs that you can give your children to do. The best thing is that they’re much more likely to eat healthy food that they’ve prepared themselves!

2. A Winter Collage

Even the youngest children can get involved with an art project, and what could be more fun than making a collage that reflects the season? Winter can be a magical time, so why not create a seasonal collage with different materials that perfectly represent this time of year. Silver glitter to represent ice, paper doilies to represent snowflakes, cotton wool for snow, sticks to represent the bare trees… you can use natural materials alongside man-made ones to create exciting textures. Children will also learn greater creative skills as well as practical ones such as gluing and cutting.

3. Acrylic Pouring Paintings

Even if you don’t think you’re very artistic, anyone can try acrylic pouring. It’s a surprisingly simple art form, and the great thing is that the result is so abstract that you’ll never have to worry about the final product looking nothing like the way you intended! Although it might sound like an expensive project, in fact it’s perfect possible to do acrylic painting on a budget. Just view this link to find out more about how you can use cheaper alternative equipment to get the same effects at a fraction of the cost.

4. Make A Bird Feeder

Remember the birds at this time of year and help to keep them fed by making a bird feeder of your own. This is a simple yet rewarding project that your children can help you with. They’ll also love watching the birds come to your garden to eat the results of their hard work too. There are lots of different bird feeders you can make, but one of the easiest versions involves a piece of toasted bread, cut into the shape of your child’s choice using a cutter, spread with peanut butter and then sprinkled with a topping of bird seed. Really easy, but surprisingly effective!

5. Make Colored Ice Balls

Although this is a messy activity, it’s one that the kids are going to love. You need to wait until the snow comes though! All you need is a few balloons, some food coloring and some water. Drip a tiny amount of your chosen food coloring into each balloon and fill up with water. Tie the end  then freeze the balloon until the water has turned to ice. Once the balloon is frozen, carefully cut the balloon away from the ice. You will have colorful balls of bright ice left to play with. Now take them outdoors into the snow and you can play! Remember to wear old clothes though – food coloring stains!

These five fun projects will brighten up your winter, and your kids are sure to love them!

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