4 Things You Can Expect When Listing Your Property for Sale

Selling a house is comparable to remodeling a home unless you’re that rare homeowner who receives multiple offers only days after listing it. It costs more, takes longer, and can drain you emotionally. However, the end result can be sweet. After signing a listing, expect the following things to happen.


  1. Multiple Listing Service, Lockbox, and Signs


Your agent may begin by placing your house in the local MLS. This is to notify all the other agents within your area that the home is on sale. Then, you’ll see a “for sale” sign in your yard. The agent is also likely to place a lockbox on your front door. This is to allow local agents access to your house whenever you’re not around.


You may feel a bit uncomfortable with the lockbox. However, it’s vital to allow any local agent to show your house when you’re away, especially if the market is slow. Otherwise, they wouldn’t place your property at the top of their clients’ list of houses to see. This is because it is difficult for agents to trace you whenever a buyer wants to see the home.


  1. Open House Holding


Agents prefer to hold a number of open houses soon after sellers sign the listing. That’s why you should never list your house when it isn’t ready for showing. Otherwise, you’ll need to do a bunch of last-minute clean-ups and touch-ups.


A brokers’ open house is likely to be on weekdays to allow area agents who have potential buyers see the house. The next one is for the public and it happens mostly on Sundays. It’s wise to be absent during open houses so that buyers can have the freedom of looking into closets and making comments.


You can choose to have multiple open houses depending on your agreement with the agent. However, they may not be effective towards increasing your chances of selling the house. In fact, the open houses may end up frustrating you.  


  1. Changes in Traffic


Expect heavy traffic during the first two or three weeks after the listing. Every buyer who is looking for a house of your caliber may come visiting. When the traffic subsides, don’t fret. Serious buyers can come back twice or thrice. If there’s an offer, even lowball, begin to negotiate. Often, it leads to a sale.


  1. Change Your Course


If you’re unfortunate, six weeks may go by without getting the most-anticipated sale. At this time, you may not be as excited as at the beginning. Keeping a model look on the house is tiresome if it’s going to take that long. It can even be irritating to see another potential buyer come through the front door.


If the market you’re in isn’t very difficult, it’s time to meet with your sales agent to discuss another strategy. Markets can be dynamic so you may consider reducing the price or enhancing the outlook of the home. Maybe repainting your bedroom walls with another color or cleaning up your garage could make a difference.




It’s crucial to know what to expect once you list your house. It is like winning half the battle of selling. However, changes occur in the market and you do well to prepare yourself for anything. Otherwise, you can get a home-sale stress.


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