3 Signs That a Family Member Might Need More Care Than What You Can Provide at Home

We all love our family members and especially the elderly, and it would be a joy to take care of them within the comfort of one’s home. The trouble is that it can be quite taxing on your family to have another family member live with you. On the contrary, it is always emotionally frustrating to have your loved ones stay away from your home in a nursing home. There are some instances though, that caring for a sick or an elderly person tends to take a toll on ourselves or their health needs surpass what we can provide at home. It is at such a time that you are left with no other option than to seek assistance from an institution such as Escondido assisted living. Here are 3 signs that your family member might just require more care than you can provide at home.

Chronic Illness

Taking care of a sick family member requires not only resources in terms of money, but also in terms of time and expertise. Often, we take care of sick family members with the guidance of a physician. For instance, diabetes patients can stay at home and still get their daily injections with our assistance. The problem arises when such a disease advances and we have to seek specialized care. At such a time, it is not possible to keep such as a person at home. It would be safer and better to have such a person stay at a hospital or in a specialized institution. Another issue arises with time. When a person requires constant attention, and maybe you are not able to provide that since you are constantly at work, then you should take them to an institution where they can receive such assistance.

Mental Illness

In the case of mental illness, it will depend on the extent of that illness. A case of mild illness, you can have the patient stay at home but under a watchful eye. There are times though when such an illness may advance and you do not have anyone to leave at home to check on your loved one. Employing a caregiver at home is extremely expensive and is out of reach to many people. The only option you are left with in such a circumstance is admitting your family member to a facility no matter how unpalatable that may seem.

Risks of Injury

When you begin seeing signs of an individual becoming frail and taking falls or just forgetting to do some ordinary stuff, then it’s time for him or her to get personalized care. It is very risky to leave an elderly person or any other person for that matter alone at home when they are faced with such circumstances. You never know when they are going to injure themselves when there is no one around to respond immediately. If you can afford a caregiver to check up on them, then it would be nice, but if that is not within your reach, then you will have to admit them to an institution so that they can be looked after round the clock.

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