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Ben Franklin’s Electric Birthday Celebration Sat. Jan. 19th 2019 @ The International Printing Museum, Carson, CA

Ben Franklin (P.D. Soinski) is about to perform some “shocking” electrical experiments
during “The Ben Franklin Electric Birthday Celebration”  Sat. Jan. 19th 2019 @ The International Printing Museum in Carson, CA
Ben Franklin’s Electric Birthday Celebration
International Printing Museum 
 315 W. Torrance Blvd, Carson, CA 90745
 Saturday Jan.19th 2019
11:00 am Franklin (“Kid-Friendly” Show) & 1:00 pm 
 (Adult version w/Symposium Q & A on Franklin with his Revolutionary Friends! @ 2:15pm)
 All day printing & tour activities in his honor 10 am-4:00 pm. Cake & refreshments included after each presentation!
 $12/Adults $10/Students & Seniors… Reservations advised thru pay-pal/other credit cards on web site: or by phone 310-515-7166 Tues.-Sat.
Come join the good Doctor’s 313th Birthday party where he will be hosting a family version of his life and inventions at 11:00 am and at a more adult level at 1:00 pm with a special Question & Answer period with his revolutionary friends (i.e.: Jefferson, Adams, Washington, Abigail Adams & Madame Brillon from the Versailles Court) moderated by the first printer of “The Declaration of Independence”, John Dunlop after the latter presentation…
Have refreshment & birthday cake with Dr.Franklin & these distinguished guests and print out some historical keepsakes on the museum’s antique presses as well as mini-tours of the unique “working “ collection! Come and wish him and his friends well and thank him for all of his inventions and help in creating our country!
John Adams (Peter Small) will be one of Ben Franklin’s revolutionary friends attending “Ben Franklin’s Electric Birthday Celebration” Sat. Jan. 19th 2019 @ The International Printing Museum in Carson, CA.
Credit: The International Printing Museum.

January 2019 book choices for the New Year!

The beginning of the New Year is such an inspirational and motivational time of the year! Here are a few of my favorite books for the New Year! They are sure to inspire!

Being Beautiful is an inspiring anthology of writings on beauty – inner, outer and everything in between – from some of the world’s most fascinating thinkers.

Through contemplative, humorous, uplifting and humbling passages interspersed with specially commissioned illustrations, the book attempts to explore and illuminate what beauty means to us in the twenty-first century. And most of all, to inspire, provoke and delight. Broken down into five chapters – Defining Beauty, Finding Beauty, Living Beautifully, Inner Beauty and Outer Beauty – discussions range from how we might define a beautiful face (Edmund Burke), how one can live a ‘beautiful’ life (Buddha), and the beauty that can be found in aging (Naomi Wolf). Contributors include such varied voices as Sali Hughes, Emily Dickinson, John Cage, Francis Bacon, Charlotte Brontë, Immanuel Kant, Joan Collins, and Kate Moss.

I really find this to be an inspirational book to read. I would recommend this one for all girls and women!

Setting goals will be easier with Ready Set Goals! 2019. I love this 12″ x 12″ wall calendar! It’s the only calendar you need this year! Plan your year and its deadlines and have fun as you achieve your dreams. Ready Set Goals! 2019 brings the popular goal journaling trend to your wall, with a huge grid that you can use to write down and track your aspirations.

Each month features a bright and colorful inspirational motto to get you motivated. With the provided sheets of stickers, you can make your calendar a customized work of organizational art.

Beautifully Said is a personal inspiration gallery, containing 21 themed chapters spotlighting women and girls who believe, build, discover, explore, heal, invent, laugh, lead, and more.

I really enjoyed reading this one and think that it will be a real inspiration to girls and women!

Beautifully Said is the first book from the founders of They pride themselves on changing the ratio of inspirational quotes from men to women. Pauline Weger and Alicia Williamson were delighted to hear that anywhere between high school sports coaches to the waiting rooms for therapists were using this book to add to people’s daily lives. In the words of Jane Goodall: “Only when our clever brain and our human heart work together in harmony can we achieve our full potential.”


Self Disclosure: I received free copies of the above books to feature and only feature books that I recommend. No other compensation was received. Images were also provided.