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“Phineas McBoof Crashes the Symphony” with Grammy-winning opera superstars Isabel Leonard & Nathan Gunn


Looking for something refreshing and different especially for ages 8 -13? I highly recommend this one! It’s rather unique!

Phineas McBoof fans rejoice!  Four years after the last Doctor Noize album comes the third installment in the award-winning Phineas McBoof series..  Phineas McBoof Crashes the Symphony, a full-length, two-act musical about the symphony, friendship, and purpose, for adventurers of all ages, unleashed on July 15, 2016.

Phineas McBoof Crashes the Symphony is a screwball musical comedy, complete with fast, zany repartee, where the leading characters have over-the-top dramatic ranges combined with vocal chops that open one’s ears to what real singing with resonance and amazing projection is all about.

The plot, which could be an offspring of Monty Python, is backed by the full forces of the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted byKyle Pickett, playing a brilliant score whose colorful orchestration is matched by the integrity and sophistication of the musical material.

Headliners on Phineas McBoof Crashes the Symphony includeGrammy® winning opera superstars Isabel Leonard and Nathan Gunn, Metropolitan Opera veteran John McVeigh, and Billboard charting jazz saxophonist Anton Schwartz, plus Doctor Noize and Phineas McBoof (the alter egos of composer/performer Cory Cullinan).

Like Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf, Phineas McBoof Crashes the Symphony resonates with young ears because it features a compelling storyline that sports a character-driven attitude.

Kids and adults alike will find themselves engaged in a dramatic, mysterious, high-stakes tale of love, friendship, commitment, and self-improvement in which Phineas McBoof learns that the real purpose of striving for great art is to share moments, dreams, and emotions with friends.

Along the way, creator Cory Cullinan embeds into this musical adventure valuable information about orchestration, instrumentation, music history, Beethoven, sonata form, popular song structure, and more, illustrated through the rich detail of the musical composition itself.

Awards and accolades garnered by Doctor Noize projects includeParents’ Choice®, Doctor Toy, Children’s Music Web, and iTunes Essential Recording.  “Banana” was a #1 hit song and “Welcome to Grammaropolis” was a Top 10 hit song on SiriusXM’s Kids Place Live.

Previous Doctor Noize albums include Grammaropolis (2012), The Return of Phineas McBoof (2011), and The Ballad of Phineas McBoof(2010).

Phineas McBoof Crashes the Symphony is now available at Amazon, CDbaby, iTunes and at Doctor Noize shows.
CD Details:  Phineas McBoof Crashes the Symphony
Release date:  July 15, 2016
For all ages, and especially suitable for ages 8 -13
Label:  Doctor Noize Inc.
SRP:   $19.99
Running time:  Act 1 (CD #1): 74 minutes.  Act 2 (CD #2): 77 minutes

the Doctor Noize website HERE.

Doctor Noize on Facebook.

Doctor Noize on Twitter.

Doctor Noize on YouTube.

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What I like best about this one is that it will make young children giggle and smile!

Beloved by families nationwide, Eric Herman’s warm and witty music videos have received over 50 millionviews on YouTube; his body of work also includes seven award-winning albums plus an award-winning DVD.  With the June 10 release of Bubble Wrap, a hard poppin’ new family music album by Eric Herman and the Thunder Puppies — Eric’s first album backed by the full compliment of his band — Eric Herman is poised to take his place in the pantheon of today’s kindie music luminaries.

At once memorable, meaningful, and masterful, Bubble Wrap’s hook-filled songs hit on a variety of issues and experiences portrayed in the life of its kid protagonist — obsessions with bubble wrap and cell phones, hilarious tactical retreats to avoid bath time, the blues of a Monday morning at school, and the supreme joy of an exhilarating theme park excursion, paired with songs about more weighty matters like stage fright, a best friend moving away, and even the death of a parent.

Musically vibrant and diverse, with the inclusion of guest spots by Keith Grimwood and Ezra Idlet of Trout Fishing in America, Mister G,Children’s Poet Laureate Kenn Nesbitt, Roger Day, and more,Bubble Wrap will inspire repeated pops (into the CD player), much like its eponymous namesake.

Eric Herman’s wife, longtime co-producer, and co-writer, Roseann Endres, died during the creation of Bubble Wrap.  The song “Okay” was being written in the days before she died and finished the day after, and the recording includes the couple’s daughters, Becca and Evee, in the outro. “Okay,” sung from the perspective of a child whose parent is ill or dying, holds deep resonance with Eric’s family.  The indomitable nature of the human spirit also plays a role in the album’s closing song, “Hello.”

Bubble Wrap kicks off with the album’s title track, a driving rock song with an Elvis Costello-type groove that describes a kid’s addiction to bubble wrap popping.  Other highlights include “You Are What You Eat,” a very catchy Latin-influenced number celebrating a variety of foods, and “Take A Bath,” a reggae-flavored ditty about the comical avoidance of bath time that even extends to outer space, graced by contributions fromKeith & Ezra of Trout Fishing in America, Kenn Nesbitt, Mister G,Roger Day, and more.

Eric Herman’s songs and videos have been featured nationally on PBS KIDS, SiriusXM, The Today Show, Fox & Friends, and in the Warner Bros. film, Life As We Know It.  A version of “The Elephant Song” was even covered for a multi-platinum release by Brazilian superstar Xuxa.

Previous releases by Eric Herman include his comedy sketch album,The Incredibly Spaced Out Adventures of Jupiter Jackson (2014,Parents’ Choice Award), Party Animal (2014, NAPPA Award), What a Ride! (2009, Parents’ Choice Award, NAPPA Award), Snail’s Pace(2007, Pearl Award), Snow Day! (2006), Monkey Business (2005), andThe Kid in the Mirror (2003).  Eric’s 2011 DVD The Elephant was honored with a Dove Foundation Award.  He was a John Lennon Songwriting Competiton finalist in 2007 and won the Just Plain Folks Award for Best Children’s Song in 2006.

Bubble Wrap is available at iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby, and on
CD Details:  Bubble Wrap
Release date:  June 10, 2016
For ages 7 – 11
Label:  Butter-Dog Records
SRP:   $12.99
Running time:  43 minutes
Visit the Eric Herman’s website HERE.

Eric Herman on YouTube.

Eric Herman on Twitter.

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Our Book Favorites for July!

Summer is a great time for reading!  Here are our top choices for kids and adults!

This first one is a fun one for kids!


This one is super fun and would be great for anytime of the year! My son and I loved that there is such a variety of different animals!

Make Your Own Zoo contains 35 projects for you and your child to do together and are suitable for children aged six years and older. Divided into six sections – Safari, Jungle, Arctic, Aviary, Aquarium and Enclosures & Scenery – each chapter has ideas inspired from all areas of the animal kingdom.
A love of craft has always weaved in and out of Tracey Radford’s life: throughout her childhood in Northern Ireland, her career as a BBC journalist and now, as a busy mom of three. A keen recycler and upcycler, the crafting house rule is: ‘only what’s on hand is allowed’, which usually means whatever’s in the recycling pile! Tracey started making cardboard animals with her daughter, and that’s how their zoo adventure began. Make Your Own Zoo brings together all of Tracey’s original creations with many new ones, and there are more waiting in the wings. Visit Tracey’s blog at
unnamed    unnamed (1)

THE MERMAID’S SECRET is a wonderful, seafaring tale of magic, family and identity.

Set on an island off the Maine coast, this sophomore novel is the ultimate in beach reading.

It’s “Splash” meets “Jaws” with a touch of magic and adventure, appealing to both women’s fiction and fantasy fans alike.

In a recent 4-star review, RT Book Reviews said that the new novel delivers a “fast pace and believable emotion from the characters.” Schickel’s debut novel, HOUSEWITCH, was one of Booklist’s Top 10 Women’s Fiction for 2015.


Wilson continues to pen strong, groundbreaking women’s fiction that has little patience for gender expectations.
It’s a thrilling story of a woman’s journey to find confidence, truth, love, and herself against the majestic backdrop of the Sierra Nevada. The sophomore novel is full of action and adventure, dangerous and heart-stopping rescues, blizzards and floods, family secrets and second chances.

The trade paperback edition of Anne Wilson‘s debut novel, HOVER, was recently featured in Working Mother magazine as one of their Top 12 Mom-approved Books to Give on Mother’s Day.Looking for Fun Craft type Books for the older Kids this Summer?

I highly recommend these two!

unnamed (2)      unnamed (3)

The Creative Kids Complete Photo Guide series leads the way with step-by-step instructions in all kinds of crafts: Bead Crafts, Sewing, Crochet, Knitting and (new!) Braiding and Knotting.

This one is so much fun! It can be purchased on

For a little more variety, dip into the sparkly side of life with Charm Love Friendship Bracelets and Rubber Band Glam. They are both sure to be a hit with kids from about first grade through middle school.

Rubber Band Glam can also be purchased on


I love this next one from Arbordale Publishing.

Sharks and Dolphins

By Kevin Kurtz

Sharks and dolphins both have torpedo-shaped bodies with fins on their backs. They slice through the water to grab their prey with sharp teeth. But despite their similarities, sharks and dolphins belong to different animal classes: one is a fish and gets oxygen from the water and the other is a mammal and gets oxygen from the air. Marine educator Kevin Kurtz guides early readers to compare and contrast these ocean predators through stunning photographs and simple, nonfiction text.

I love how this is fun to read and also educational! Great for ages 4-8.

The next one is not a fun fiction read. But, it is a more serious read that I highly recommend for all parents!



Mindfulness expert, Kathy Walsh, teaches parents how to raise peaceful kids in her new book,

Thirty Days to a Mindful Home.

Have you ever asked yourself the question, “How do I bring mindfulness and peace into my home?” Look no further, as Kathy Walsh has the perfect guide to help you do just that!

Why did Kathy write this book?

I wrote 30 Days to a Mindful Home to give parents the tools to help make their homes and families more peaceful. Just like any diet or exercise plan, it takes thirty days to make something a habit. Each day gives parents one mindfulness tool that they can use that day. As a parent of two beautiful daughters, I understand how busy parents can be. So, I made these tools simple, easy and quick.

My intention for each parent is at the end of the thirty days’ they can take three mindfulness tips that resonate with them and use those for several years to come. Consistency is key and three simple mindful techniques used consistently works really well. With my two daughters I enjoyed creating the gratitude journals, the meditation at night, and the positive music playing around the house! For years we practiced these tools together, and I can see now that they are adults, that these mindfulness tools made a positive impact on their lives

What is a Mindful Home?

Let me first say that a mindful home is not perfect by any means. Having a mindful home is having a positive look on life. It is realizing that peace is an inside job; nothing external can bring that to you. It often includes being conscious of how we set an intention for the home. For example, “In this home, we are compassionate towards animals, respect the earth, and take time to breathe and listen to our hearts.” In a mindful home we look at life through the eyes of love. Seeing your child in a positive light, making gratitude a habit and taking time to be in the moment, all help to make a home more peaceful.

All of Kathy’s nine books, including Thirty Days to a Mindful Home, are available for purchase on and the Baby’s Brilliant App.

To learn more about Kathy, visit:

This next one is a delightful story for younger children!


Irish Beth Maddock’s The Great Carp Escape.

This one is truly a delightful story and it truly is touching!

Based on a true story, Maddock shares an inspirational fish “tail” of love and discovery for all of God’s creation. Abandoned by her mother at age four and raised by a working father, Maddock was left to care for her one year old brother. Her book, a quiet allegory of the Gospel of Jesus, is a celebration of God’s redeeming love in her life.


First released in Canada, The Great Carp Escape has garnered 10 literary award placements. Maddock hopes to spread her message of positive values to children through knowledge and discovery.

Maddock has been a newspaper columnist, been featured in Reader’s Digest, and on broadcasts including: 100 Huntley Street, CHBC Television, and CBC Radio.

Her children’s title, The Great Carp Escape, is available as a fundraiser for schools, churches, charities and ministries in need and has already raised thousands of dollars for such causes. As a member of Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, Independent Book Publishers Association, Inscribe, and The World Guild, Maddock would like to continue to do something about those ideas that get downloaded into her brain at 2AM. To learn more about Irish, visit her website here.

Looking for more fun things to do outside this Summer?

101 Things to Do Outside is a must-read!


101 Things to Do Outside

Loads of fantastically fun reasons to get up, get out, and get active!

From animal tracking and survival skills to using a compass and growing vegetables, 101 Things to Do Outside is the perfect guide for young explorers and aspiring adventurers longing for a taste of the great outdoors. Right outside your front door, there’s a world bursting with adventures just waiting to be explored. This pocket-sized book is overflowing with things to try, do, learn, and remember (plus it has a handy checklist!).

Author: Creative Team of Weldon Owen.

I love the variety of fun things to do in this book!


Series: 101 Things

– See more here.


Stay tuned for the Top Book Choices in August!

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