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Colgate® Optic White® For A Brighter,Whiter Smile! Whitening That is Convenient and Affordable! Giveaway Opportunity!

Colgate Optic White Regimen

This past Spring, Colgate® introduced a new breakthrough product  to the Optic White line, Colgate® Optic WhiteTM Toothbrush + Whitening Pen. The toothbrush contains a built-in whitening pen for convenient whitening. It’s as simple as BRUSH.WHITEN.GO.™


  • Brush: Brush as you normally would with your toothpaste.
  • Whiten: Turn dial at bottom of pen and apply gel. It takes only seconds to apply and adhere to your teeth. No waiting, no rinsing.
  • Go: Store pen inside brush.

Also new to the Colgate® Optic White® line is the Colgate® Optic White® PLATINUM Whiten and Protect™ Toothpaste which deeply whitens more than three shades while sealing out new stains and the new Colgate® Optic White® WhiteSeal™ mouthwash which protects against future stains with advanced stain prevention technology.


A clinical study shows that using the Colgate® Optic White TM Toothbrush + Whitening Pen twice daily will help users achieve whiter teeth in 2 days*. Use with new Colgate® Optic White® PLATINUM Whiten and Protect™ Toothpaste and Colgate® Optic White® WhiteSeal™ Mouthwash for whitening results even faster – brush, rinse, whiten and go – for whiter teeth in 1 day**.

I received samples of the Colgate® Optic WhiteTM Toothbrush + Whitening Pen, Colgate® Optic White® PLATINUM Whiten and Protect™ Toothpaste and Colgate® Optic White® WhiteSeal™ Mouthwash to review and am very impressed. My teeth really do look whiter and brighter and it’s so easy! I have tried other teeth whitener home products in the past and none have been so simple to use. This really is as simple as just brushing your teeth and it’s even easier than flossing your child’s teeth! 

We have teamed up for a Brighter, Whiter Smile Giveaway! One winner will win all 3 products mentioned above! To enter simply leave a comment below! Deadline to enter is July 2nd, 2014 at noon. One winner will randomly be selected from all entries!

Self Disclosure: I received free products to facilitate this feature but any opinions expressed are truthful and my own and may differ from yours.




Celebrate Soccer, And Visit Brazilian Penguins At The Aquarium Of The Pacific On special game days in June and July, wear or bring any item with your favorite national soccer team name on it, and get discounts to the Aquarium of the Pacific

510x300 Soccer Penguin FLAT

The Aquarium of the Pacific is offering discounts in celebration of soccer on select days in June and July. Visitors who sport an article of clothing with the name of their favorite team on it are eligible to receive $10 off adult admission and $4 off child admission June 26 and 28July 1, 4-5, 8-9, and 12-13. Guests can visit the June Keyes Penguin Habitat to see four rescued penguins from Rio, Brazil, including Kate and Avery: first-time parents who just had a baby penguin!


During your visit you can also meet over 11,000 animals, like playful sea lions and colorful lorikeet birds you can feed. The new Summer of Wonder exhibits and programs feature areas for petting sharks, cownose rays, and horseshoe crabs. Visitors can also explore the new Southern California Steelhead Story exhibit, and make an underwater submarine as they learn about ocean exploration.

WHEN:           June 26June 28July 1July 4-5July 8-9, and July 12-13, 2014   

WHERE:         Aquarium of the Pacific, 100 Aquarium Way, Long Beach, CA 90802


COST:            Adults get in for just $18.95 and children for $10.95 each when they bring an item with the name of their favorite national soccer team on it to the Aquarium ticket windows on the following game days: June 22-26 and 28 and July 1, 4-5, 8-9, and 12-13, 2014.


INFO:              (562) 590-3100 or



WHO:              Meet the Aquarium’s penguins rescued from Brazil.

Avery: Avery is a mellow, mild-mannered male penguin. He is the only penguin at the Aquarium on Twitter (@AverythePenguin). He is paired up with Kate.


Kate: Kate has paired up with Avery and will follow him around.  Her trainers call her a “flighty southern belle.” She recently became a first-time mother.


Roxy: Roxy likes to be first, especially when it comes to feeding time. Other than that, her personality is relaxed.  She is paired up with Floyd and is the mother of the first penguin chicks born at the Aquarium in 2013—Heidi and Anderson.


Robbie: When he arrived, he had a foot infection and received medical treatment at the Aquarium’s Molina Animal Care Center. His caretakers say he has been heroically tolerant and brave through the discomfort of his ailment, garnering the love and admiration of staff members who work with him.


AQUARIUM:  The Aquarium of the Pacific, a nonprofit institution, is home to more than 11,000 animals and is dedicated to environmental education.

Photo Credit: Aquarium of the Pacific.


Earth to Echo – Brings Back the Sci-Fi Feel of the 80s KIDS FIRST! Coming Attractions,


For those of use who hold a special place in our hearts for the sci-fi films of our youth such as E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial and Close Encounters of the Third Kind, this film may seem like a blast from the past, only with new and fun twists. The story follows a group of kids who embark on an adventure with an alien who needs their help. KIDS FIRST! Film Critic Gerry O. comments, “This movie brings the old sci-fi feel of the 80s back to life. It has the same style, which is my favorite.” Kendyl P. adds, “Earth to Echo is a mind blowing movie. If you are a fan of movies like E.T. or discovering aliens from space, this movie is perfect for you.” Kayla P has one last thought, “The actors are spectacular. They make the film come alive and make you feel like you are on the journey with them. Earth to Echo is the perfect summertime movie for the entire family.” See their full reviews and interviews with cast and creators below.

Earth to Echo
Reviewed by Gerry Orz, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 12

Cast interviews here.

Producer/director interviews here.

This is an adventure Hollywood has been waiting for. This is not just another story about helping an alien to get to its home planet, Earth to Echo is an emotional and fun adventure that many kids will love and cherish for generations.

The story has a little sprinkle of romance, displays a true friendship, thrills when they discover Echo, and, of course, will pump you up with adrenaline. If you are the type of person that likes action – this film has plenty of it since there are also BAD guys chasing after them

The adventure starts when four young kids have to move out of their homes because a highway project is going to demolish them. On their last day together, they follow maps that randomly appeared on their phones. What they find is greater than any of them anticipated. Now, if you want all the juicy details – you have to watch the film.

This movie brings the old sci-fi feel of the 80s back to life. It has the same style, which is my favorite. It relates a lot to the legendary film, E.T and I see Echo as a sort of E.T. Jr. character. However, the story starts rather abruptly. It feels like there is no well-defined beginning. Otherwise this is great adventure that kids will love and perhaps even look for their own Echo’s in the neighborhoods.

The directing, I think, is very unique since it seems as if the movie is shot from the kid’s prospective. There is a lot of complexity around this type of technique but I believe the end result is well worth the time and the effort that was put into the movie.

My favorite scene is when they are escaping BAD guys. The thing they find, which they name Echo is in danger because of those bad guys. They are about to crash into a truck, but Echo takes the truck apart  in midair and puts it back together behind them! The special effects are amazing and it also shows that Echo is very protective of her friends.

I recommend this movie for ages 6 to 18. Younger kids may not understand the full complexity of the film. I also give it 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Earth to Echo
By Kendyl P., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 12

Earth to Echo is a mind blowing movie. If you are a fan of movies like E.T. or discovering aliens from space, this movie is perfect for you. Earth to Echo is about a group of friends, Tuck (Astro), Alex (Teo Halm), Munch (Resse Heartwig) and Emma (Ella Wahlesedt) who are forced to move because of the construction of a big freeway near their houses. Before they move, their cell phones start acting up. It turns out to be a map and they follow it. It leads them to an alien that is trying to get back home but can’t go. It’s up to Tuck, Munch, Alex and Emma to save the day.

My favorite character is Alex because he is very helpful and cool. He sticks by the alien’s side and he really cares about him. He is like the alien’s best friend. My favorite part is when small parts of the space ship fly in from all over the neighborhood to form a really large spaceship and the main part of the ship is in Alex’s backyard. I really enjoyed watching that.

The actors, Astro, Teo Halm, Resse Heartwig and Ella Wahlesedt do a great job expressing different emotions in the film. The message of this film is “true friendships can last a lifetime.” The friendship the boys have continues long after they go their separate ways.

This is a great film. I recommend this film for kids age 9 to 16 and I give it 4 out of 5 stars.

Earth to Echo

By Kayla S. Powell, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, Age 12

Earth to Echo is a fantastic family movie to watch this summer. This film is about three boys, Tuck, Alex and Munch who have a very close friendship. Unfortunately, their homes are being demolished because there are plans to build a major highway right through the middle of their community. As the boys prepare to pack up and leave their community, their cell phones began receiving strange pictures, which they learn is a map. The boys decide to follow the map and discover a robot named Echo. After communicating with Echo, the boys learn he is trying to build a key to unlock his space ship to go home. While the boys are helping Echo, they learn the real reason why their homes are being demolished. They may be able to save the community from being destroyed.

Tuck and his friends are told to stop trying to help Echo. They learn that by helping Echo they are also helping the families in their community. The message of the film is “do the right thing.” You might face some opposition by some people, but you still have to do the right thing that will benefit all people.

My favorite scene is when Tuck, Alex and Munch discover Echo. At first they think he is a beeping machine. Every time Echo beeps Munch starts running for his life and acts crazy. He is my favorite character because he brings a lot of the humor to this film.

The actors are spectacular. They make the film come alive and make you feel like you are on the journey with them. Earth to Echo is the perfect summertime movie for the entire family.  I recommend this film for kids ages 7 through 18. I give this movie 5 out of 5 stars. Earth to Echo will be in theaters July 2, 2014, don’t miss it.

Credit: KIDS FIRST! Coming Attractions,




Summer Green Scene Mom Awards

We are celebrating the Summer Green Scene Mom Awards with a giveaway featuring the amazing winning brands! Many of these brands were created by mom or dad entrepreneurs who were problem solving for their own families.

BabySpa Moisturizing Body Lotion Green Scene Mom Award Winner

BabySpa Moisturizing Body Lotion

BabySpa Moisturizing Body Lotion is formulated to provide an immediate soothing effect and long-lasting hydration. It’s infused with BabySpa’s signature baby fresh scent, is easily absorbed, and provides instant freshness and a relaxing sensory spa experience. Award Details

Bert & Bratt Portable SterilizerGreen Scene Mom Award Winner

Bert & Bratt Portable Sterilizer

Bert & Bratt’s UV Sterilizer makes it easy to clean small items while on the go. It effectively kills germs on pacifiers and bottle tops and it’s super cute and fits in a diaper bag! Award Details

Buttons Diapers Flannel Wipes Green Scene Mom Award Winner

Buttons Diapers Flannel Wipes

Buttons Diapers reusable wipes help reduce the fistfulls of disposable wipes a baby can go through each diaper change. They are easy to wash with a load of cloth diapers, and they are soft on baby’s skin. Award Details

Yummi Pouch Snack & Sandwich Bags Green Scene Mom Award Winner

Yummi Pouch Snack & Sandwich Bags

Yummi Pouch snack bags reduce the need for plastic bags and other disposable packaging. They easily fit into a lunchbox, can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher or washing machine, and little fingers can easily open the zipper opening. Plus they’re just plain cute! Award Details

Charlie Banana 2-in-1 Diapers Green Scene Mom Award Winner

Charlie Banana 2-in-1 Diapers

Charlie Banana Diapers make it easy to diaper your baby from 6 to 36 pounds in a way that is eco-friendly and cost effective. These one-size diapers adjust to fit the numerous stages babies go through from infancy to toddlerhood. Plus they are available in lots of adorable designs to fit every style! Award Details

Loopy Gear Green Scene Mom Award Winner

Loopy Gear

Loopys are a stylish and functional way to keep your baby’s rattles and toys clean and off the ground. With the Loopy, you simply attach the larger loop to your baby’s wrist and the smaller loop around their favorite rattle or toy. Loopys can also be used to attach toys to car seats, strollers, high chairs, baby carriers, and shopping carts. Award Details

organicKidz Thermal Baby Bottles Green Scene Mom Award Winner

organicKidz Thermal Baby Bottles

organicKidz thermal bottles keep liquids hot or cold for 6+ hours. The bottle lid also doubles as a measuring cup and snack cup. Each bottle features a silicone peristaltic fast flow nipple and includes a silicone leak proof sealing disk. organicKidz bottles can also convert to a suppy cup and a water bottle. Award Details

Peek-A-Boo Nursing & Maternity Green Scene Mom Award Winner

Peek-a-boo Nursing & Maternity

Peek-a-boo offers unique pregnancy and nursing wear that emphasizes comfort as well as discreet nursing with style. These garments are designed for wear starting from early pregnancy throughout nursing, offering moms a budget friendly, duel-purpose clothing solution. Award Details

Yummi Pouch Funnel Pitcher Green Scene Mom Award Winner

Yummi Pouch Funnel Pitcher

The unique design and color of this pitcher makes it fun to use! This pitcher helps reduce messes that may result from pouring liquids. It’s also sturdy for long-lasting use and dishwasher safe for easy clean-up. Award Details

BabySpa 3-in-1 Shampoo, Body Wash & Moisturizer Green Scene Mom Award Winner

BabySpa 3-in-1 Shampoo, Body Wash & Moisturizer

BabySpa Stage One Tearless Shampooo, Body Wash and Moisturizer is a unique all-in-one formula with a snuggly fresh baby scent that will keep hair and skin feeling soft and naturally moisturized. This specially-formulated blend is infused with aloe, shea butter, olive and avocado oils to create a natural cleanser that deeply hydrates from head to toe. Award Details

Buttons Diapers Wet Bags Green Scene Mom Award Winner

Buttons Diapers Wet Bags

Buttons Diapers Wet Bags come in a variety of sizes and can hold from 1 to 6 diapers inside. The bags have a convenient hanging loop and are made with 2 layers of material for style and durability. The inner layer is made from waterproof PUL and the outside features an adorable cotton dot print. Award Details

Girlie Glue Green Scene Mom Award Winner

Girlie Glue

Girlie Glue is a hair accessory glue, no hair necessary! Fancy possibilities are endless with a dab of girlie glue. Girlie Glue is made with Agave nectar and other all natural ingredients. It’s safe, 100% honey-free and washes away easily with water. Award Details

So Rad Magic Kimono Onesie Green Scene Mom Award Winner

So Rad Magic Kimono Onesie

So Rad’s Magic Kimono Onesie is made from bamboo and organic cotton. The durable design features a triple stitch cover seam and bigger bum for cloth diapers, with a rear access entry door too! This onesie has no snaps, buttons, velcro or zippers. The kimono style front opens up so your baby can squeeze his little chubs into it. It’s also made in Canada. Award Details

Preserve Food Storage Containers Green Scene Mom Award Winner

Preserve Food Storage Containers

Preserve food storage containers are made in the USA from 100% BPA free, recycled #5 plastic. They are dishwasher safe and stand up to everyday use. Preserve food storage containers are an environmentally friendly addition to any refrigerator or lunchbox. These containers have sturdy lids which screw on or snap on tightly to keep food fresh and they nest for easy storage. Award Details

BabySpa Ultra-Soft Baby Wipes Green Scene Mom Award Winner

BabySpa Ultra-Soft Baby Wipes

BabySpa Ultra-Soft Baby Wipes are made with 100% natural ingredients and an organic blend that provides gentle and soothing care to the most delicate skin. They are perfectly moistened and smell fresh but are unscented for the most sensitive skin. Award Details

Green Toys Train Green Scene Mom Award Winner

Green Toys Train

The Green Toys Train is made in the USA from 100% recycled plastic milk jugs that save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It’s complete with a brightly-colored steam engine and two additional cars that link together to form a long train. The company produces each toy in the USA using sustainable materials and features unique toy designs that encourage imaginative play. Award Details

organicKidz Thermal Food Containers Green Scene Mom Award Winner

organicKidz Thermal Food Containers

organicKidz thermal food containers are sleek, light weight and free of bulky plastic. They easily keep foods hot or cold for 6+ hours and are perfect for a child’s lunchbox or even Mom and Dad! The fun designs are modern and the tops close tightly with a leak proof silicone seal. Award Details

Thinkbaby Safe Sunscreen SPF 50+ Green Scene Mom Award Winner

Thinkbaby Safe Sunscreen SPF 50+

Thinkbaby sets itself apart by providing the most effective and safe sunscreen possible that can be universally used for babies and adults. Thinkbaby sunscreen offers the highest level of Broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection and highest level of water resistance. It comes in a 3oz tube made of environmentally friendly packaging that does not contain BPA, vinyl, or phthalates. Award Details

These amazing companies have contributes prizes to our Summer Awards Giveaway!

Enter to win this amazing gift set valued at $440!

  • Peek-a-boo Nursing & Maternity Gift Card – $65
  • BabySpa Baby Essentials Stage 1 – $35
    3 in 1 tearless shampoo, body wash & moisturizer, moisturizing body lotion, Shea Butter diaper cream, ultra soft baby wipes (72 ct.), travel size face cream
  • Green Toys train – $28
  • Bert&Bratt Pure-GO sterilizer – $45
  • Buttons Diapers cloth diaper gift set – $39
    1 large wet bag, 1 package of flannel wipes, a one-size diaper cover, and a daytime diaper insert
  • So Rad Magic Romper – $25
    Winner can choose from 6 colors and sizes 3 months to 18-24 months.
  • Yummi Pouch cloth snack bags – $25
  • Girlie Glue hair essentials – $15
    A tube of Girlie Glue and a package of 3 felt flowers and 3 vintage bows
  • Preserve food storage set – $28
    2 large food storage, 2 small food storage, 2 square food storage, 5 mini food storage containers
  • organicKidz stainless steel thermal food container – $25
  • Charlie Banana one-size diaper pack of 3 Hot Dots and 6 inserts – $60
  • Loopy 2-Pack Premium – $30
  • Think Baby sunscreen – $16

Green Scene Mom Summer Awards Giveaway

Two runner-up winners will win these products!

  • Girlie Glue hair essentials – $15.50
    A tube of Girlie Glue and a package of 3 felt flowers and 3 vintage bows
  • Think Baby sunscreen – $16

One winner and two runner-ups will be chosen on July 5th. This giveaway is open to the US and Canada. Good luck and have fun!

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Laura Mercier & ReVive Annual Friends & Family sale Wednesday, 6/25 to Friday, 6/27

Laura Mercier:

·        Enjoy 20% Off & free standard shipping on any $75 purchase on Wed., 6/25Fri., 6/27. While supplies last. No offer code needed.


RéVive Skincare: 

·        Enjoy $50 off your $250 purchase. Plus, also select 2 deluxe samples and enjoy free shipping. 6/25-6/27. No offer code needed.





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Good EarthTea: Win Free Tea! Tag You’re It Sweeps

GE Tag You're It Contest

Love the inspirational quote on every Good Earth Tea tag? Help Good Earth choose which quotes will be on their next tags! Vote the quote in Good Earth Tea’s “Tag You’re It Sweepstakes” on Facebook – each week your vote is a chance to win a free box of Good Earth Tea

Wait, there’s more: have your own original quote brewing? Enter your quote in Good Earth Tea’s “Tag You’re It Contest!” You could be one of 25 winners to have your quote printed on our tea tags and win a year’s supply of your favorite Good Earth Tea! 

We received samples of the Mango Me Crazy Tea and the Sweet Chai of Mine Tea and now  Mango Me Crazy Tea is my new favorite Tea! I love the smooth, vanilla & maple flavor infused with the chai spices in Sweet Chai of Mine but the Mango Me Crazy White Tea is my new summer favorite! This is the best Summer time tea with a mango fruit flavor. I love its bold and fruity taste! It’s also great as as iced tea!


Self Disclosure: I received free samples to facilitate this feature post but any opinions expressed are truthful and my own. Photo Credit: Good Earth Tea.

New Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus Features 101 Uses in One WonderBottle Reinvented trigger spray delivers finer mist for broader coverage, faster drying time

Bottle LgProduct FamilyImages of Downy Wrinkle release new product

Wrinkles always seem to materialize at the most inconvenient times. Smoothing them around the eyes, out of life plans and from clothes used to require intensive labor. The new and improved Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus makes releasing wrinkles from fabric as easy as delivering a renewing spritz of the fabric-relaxing spray.

Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus is much more than a replacement for the hassle of everyday ironing. “The WonderBottle,” as it’s known in its new campaign, has over 101 uses for the home, family and traveler. In addition to its ability to reduce wrinkles in clothes, Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus can be used as a quick-fix solution to remove creases from pillowcases, bed sheets, drapery, tablecloths, cloth napkins, ribbons on holiday decorations and many other household items. A quick spritz from the WonderBottle can also remove odors and freshen up furniture, pet beds and infant car seats just to name a few. For those who still want to iron, it serves as a better ironing aid than water without the residue of starch. And in a fashion emergency, Downy Wrinkle Release Plus can even save the day by eliminating static cling. Truly a WonderBottle.


After thorough research and testing, the design of the spray trigger on the new bottle was perfected to deliver a finer mist of Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus. The new and improved sprayer delivers broader coverage to reduce drying time. Downy Wrinkle Release Plus works to eliminate wrinkles by coating fabric fibers with silicone that allows them to relax and slide apart instead of being frozen in a crease. Simply spray, smooth and tug, then allow fabric to dry for a crisp, fresh smelling and wrinkle-free look in minutes.

We received a sample kit to try out and I love these products! First of all, I hate ironing so anything that makes ironing easier or eliminates it all together is exciting to me! But, for it to work better than expected is just amazing! I was thinking “Okay, I am a fan of Downy but will this really eliminate the need for ironing?” Well, it did and it also leaves our clothes smelling fresh and clean! We also have a pet cat who doesn’t stink up the whole house but he does leave pet smells occasionally. A quick spray on our furniture really leaves a fresh clean smell and eliminated any odors. These products really are a Mom (and Dad) Must-Have!

Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus is sold at Walmart, Target, Walgreens, Kroger, Publix and many other grocery, drug, and mass retailers. Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus is sold in a 1-liter bottle for $6.99 and a 500 mL bottle for $4.19. It is also available in a travel-friendly 3-ounce size for $1.99. For more information visit


About Nehemiah Manufacturing

Nehemiah was founded in 2009 with the mission to build brands, create jobs and change lives. Led by a team of seasoned consumer product good professionals, Nehemiah partners with Procter & Gamble and other consumer product goods companies to license and acquire small brands, to innovate new concepts and contract manufacture products that support the company mission. Nehemiah is committed to bringing jobs back to the inner city of Cincinnati to stimulate community development and economic growth. For more information visit:


Downy Wrinkle Releaser is a registered trademark of The Procter & Gamble Company Cincinnati, OH, used under license by Nehemiah Manufacturing Co. LLC.

Self Disclosure: I received a free sample kit to facilitate this feature post and any opinions expressed are honest and my own and may differ from yours. Photo Credit: Downy.

Shine On And On With New Sally Hansen Triple Shine Nail Color LIMITED EDITION TAHITI SUNSET COLLECTION


A maximum shine mani that takes you away to the tropics!

Sally Hansen’s best-selling Triple Shine Nail Color in new paradise perfect colors brimming with incandescent shine. When it comes to brilliant sheen, too much is never enough. To fuse over-the-top radiance with of-the-moment colors you crave, Sally Hansen introduces the very latest, limited edition polishes—the Sally Hansen Triple Shine Nail Color Tahiti Sunset collection. Visit an exotic color destination with this new line, inspired by the Technicolor beauty of an unforgettable island sunset.
Capture the fiery orange tendrils of the day’s last rays of light, a soft purple aura painted across the sky, or the bright blue below of warm ocean waves with this immersive collection from the leading color authority, Sally Hansen. And, to keep your favorite nonstop shine and saturated color looking flawless, Sally Hansen’s exclusive Ultimate Shield Complex protects nails from everyday assaults like color-fading daily hand washing, shine dulling detergent, and luster ruining chlorine.

I received samples and I just love the colors and the shine!  Such fun Summer colors such as Changing Tides, Seasational and Taheati. It also really goes on smoothly and seems to last longer on my fingernails than many other nail polishes that I have tried. These are a Mom Must-have for the Summer!


More Information:
The daily wear and tear of on-the-go living is no match for Triple Shine Nail Color. This innovative polish is formulated with the Ultimate Shield Complex, a carefully balanced blend of solvents and color solids that work synergistically for high impact color and maximum shine. Triple Shine Nail Color marries sheer brilliance with the shades of the moment for non-stop shine in the colors you covet thanks to:
The Gloss-Tech Brush designed specifically to apply the Triple Shine formula. This unique brush lays down polish smoothly and evenly to form an unbroken glass-like result. This glossy finish delivers extreme shine for a “just applied” look that lasts for days.
An Exclusive complex of Pro-Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E provides ongoing defense from water, detergent, and daily wear, and Sea Kelp and Panthenol provide vital hydration.
Guanine, a natural crushed pearl found in aquatic life that delivers a natural iridescence and high-impact, lasting shine.
Use Triple Shine Top Coat—an ultimate shine top coat specifically created to enhance the Triple Shine nail color formula—to create a dazzling gloss finish that extends Triple Shine’s high impact color. Formulated with the protective Ultimate Shield Complex, including exclusive Guanine natural crushed pearl, this synergistic top coat extends the life of a Triple Shine manicure. Transparent acrylate polymers deliver a solid shield that looks sculpted onto nails for the ultimate in elasticity and breakage resistance. So add protection from daily wear and tear, and keep color looking “just applied” for days, with the complete Triple Shine color and top coat system.


WHERE TO FIND THEM: Sally Hansen’s Triple Shine Tahiti Sunset Collection is available beginning June 2014 at chain drug stores and mass retailers nationwide.

Self Disclosure: I received samples to facilitate this feature and any opinions expressed are truthful and my own. Photo Credit: Sally Hansen.