World-Class 4-D Theater Experience Debuts On The Queen Mary

The Queen Mary will open a new state-of-the-art 4-D Theater experience on November 20, 2015. This attraction will replace a decades-old theater located in the aft section of the world’s best-known ocean liner. This innovative and exciting experience is the latest addition to a growing array of visitor venues and ship upgrades.
The 4-D Theater was designed by SimEx-Iwerks Entertainment in close collaboration with Queen Mary historians. This theater attraction will complement the look and feel of the Queen Mary and evoke a sense of old Hollywood glamour and art deco style.

The 121-seat theater delivers a high-definition viewing experience in 3-D with 7.1 digital audio surround sound and features a variety of sensory surprises that are built into the seats and theater environment. On-screen images are brought to life with coordinated 4-D effects such as bubbles, wind, and scents for a fully immersive cinematic experience.

“Our guests are not only going to enjoy the shows in the theater but appreciate the authenticity of the environment itself,” said Queen Mary General Manager, John Jenkins. “We could not be happier about the timing of the opening with our popular CHILL holiday event and launching this incredible new theater with the Polar Express 4-D.”

THE POLAR EXPRESS 4-D Experience® will run from November 20January 10. This 13-minute show is a family-friendly, modern classic.

Starting on January 11, the 4-D Theater will feature SpongeBob SquarePants 4-D: The Great Jelly Rescue and Planet Earth:  Shallows Seas 4-D Experience®, along with a custom pre-show content featuring scenes from the many Hollywood films shot on and around the Queen Mary.

Queen Mary 4D Theater

Credit: The Queen Mary.
About Queen Mary
Located in the Port of Long Beach, the Queen Mary ( features a rich maritime history, authentic Art Deco décor, and stunning views of the Pacific Ocean and Long Beach city skyline. At the time of her maiden voyage in May of 1936, she was considered the grandest ocean liner ever built. The Queen Mary features award-winning restaurants, historical attractions, numerous special event salons and 346 staterooms.

About SimEx-Iwerks Entertainment
SimEx-Iwerks Entertainment specializes in designing, building and operating special F/X driven cinematic attractions that feature blockbuster content form the world’s major film studios. We build successful partnerships that provide 4-D Experiences® films and services to over 150 attractions in more than 30 countries. Our attractions generate revenue, drive attendance and provide family-friendly memorable experiences to over 50 million guests each year.

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