Winter, July 14 Pet of the Week

Winter needs a place to chill with some cool people during the dog days of summer and forever after. You can’t tell by the black-and-white photo, but Winter has these remarkable odd-color eyes—one blue and one amber—that set her apart from other pets. She’s small, too, for a husky. She has, as volunteer Susan put it, a two-speed setting: 100 mph when she’s playing, and zero mph when she’s worn out from it all and conks out. Winter responds well to commands, especially if followed by a treat or a toy, and also has “husky intelligence,” which manifests in such ways as sensing your mood. You can imagine hers, though—Winter’s been at the shelter since—well, winter. She came in December as a stray and has been here ever since. She needs a home with humans who understand this breed’s needs and will take her on long walks, provide training and lavish affection, which she’ll return hundredfold. You can speed the process to adopt or foster Winter and any of our other pets by emailing or You can also call (562) 570-4925. Even better, stop by during our walk-in hours every Wednesday through Sunday from 11 a.m.–3 p.m. Our shelter is located at 7700 E. Spring St. Ask for ID#A689118 to meet Winter. We’re over capacity, and everyone needs homes!

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