Why You Need Moonlight Slumber Comfort U Body Pillow?

It can be hard to deal with the discomforts you go through during the course of your pregnancy. In the beginning, it may not feel like much, however as the pregnancy progresses and the physical changes really kick in the situation becomes quite different.

The strain on your back, joints, and legs increases as your belly grows bigger. Since medication should only be taken after consulting your physician and is generally avoided to prevent any issues during pregnancy, you cannot even take painkillers. There is, however, no need to bear the pain. There many things you can do to relieve the pressure and reduce pain. Using a U shaped pregnancy pillow is one of the main ways you can maintain a good posture and provide your body with the support necessary to avoid or manage pain. 

Moonlight Slumber Comfort U Body Pillow Features:

A great pregnancy pillow is the Moonlight Comfort-U Total Body Pillow. Below are a few features of the pillow that are worth noting. Whether it is sleeping, lying down, or even sitting, a pregnancy pillow can be a very useful way of staying comfortable.

1.) Full-body Pillow:-

At first glance the pillow might seem a bit too big and, as a consequence, intimidating. But many people who bought the pillow expecting it to be a hassle actually found the shape and size very practical.

Being a full body pillow, the Moonlight Comfort-U is the only pillow you will need to help you sleep. The U-shape, though not unique to the brand, is perfect for getting into the crevices and relieving the pressure from other parts of the body.

It is surprisingly lightweight for its size and can be contorted into any shape so you can get comfortable no matter which posture you are in.

The U-shape can also be turned into a seat against a hard surface, like a wall, by sitting on the curve of the U and using the straight lines as supports for the back.

What is more, the pillow is extremely versatile and can be used to contour around the body any way you like. You can use the U-shape upside down to cradle the neck or turn it the right side up to elevate the feet.

Elevating the feet is particularly useful is suffer from swollen feet or varicose veins. In both cases, the pressure and weight on the feet cause the blood to flow in the wrong direction.

Elevating the feet is the best way to mitigate this painful condition which is possible using the Moonlight Comfort-U pillow. 

2.) Fusion Fiber material:

The pillow filling is that of a fusion fiber that holds up well and lasts through the years. Being an item you use daily durability is a major issue.

The fusion fiber does not become flat nor does it clump together to create depressions. Instead, the pillow is extremely soft that it perfectly cushions your back, neck, or whichever area you place it under.

The outer covering is poly-cotton which is breathable and allows for air to pass through. During pregnancy you can get sweaty and warm, the material of the U-Comfort keeps the pillow itself from getting to warm.

All the material used is also hypoallergenic which means that there is almost zero chance that you will get an allergic reaction to the pillow.

This is particularly useful since you cannot take medication without consulting your doctor and even then, medicine during pregnancy is highly discouraged. If you want to explore more options then feel free to explore more Pregnancy pillow reviews 

3.) Easy to clean and maintain:

You are already dealing with your pregnancy and doing extra washing should be the least of your worries, which is why the Moonlight Comfort-U is machine wash safe. You can simply put the pillow in the machine and give it a gentle wash.

The pillow will not lose its shape nor the fluffiness of the filling. It is easy to clean and keep hygienic so you are not surrounded by germs or bacteria. 


Pregnancy pillows are quite common nowadays and they are being used for a number of other conditions other than pregnancy. 

Athletes and individuals recovering from surgery also make use of pregnancy pillows. Choosing the right one is key, however, since all pregnancy pillows are not equally good.

 The Moonlight Comfort-U Total Body Pillow is a great option for anyone looking for a quality full body pillow. It is U-shaped and can be molded into shape for maximum comfort.

The pillow is made with quality materials that are durable and easy to maintain. Sure you will need some time to learn how to best use the pillow. The best thing is that there is really no hard and fast rule when it comes to pregnancy pillows.

Just get the pillow and start experimenting, you can always get advice online or from friends and family who have used such pillows before.

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