Why Our Pets Mean The World To Us And How We Can Keep Them Safe

Humans have kept pets for thousands of years. Over all this time, they have proved to be trustworthy and loyal companions, sticking with us and offering support through both the good times and the bad.

It’s no surprise that people develop incredibly strong bonds with their pets, be it a dog, a cat, or even a hamster. Pet owners devote themselves to their furry friends and will go to great lengths to keep them happy and healthy. Why do pets mean so much to us? What are the best ways of keeping them safe? Let’s find out.

They Keep Us Company

Research has revealed that we are seeing increasing numbers of single-person households in countries around the world. There are a number of social, economic, and political factors for this, as well as a rise in smaller housing options and shifting cultural attitudes and norms.

What this has led to is an increase in people reporting to feel lonely or isolated. Humans are social animals by nature, spending long periods of time alone can be detrimental to both our mental and physical health.

To combat this loneliness, many people turn to a pet as a form of companionship. These creatures are often the perfect friend, they’re great listeners and can be highly attentive and affectionate. For this of us living alone, pets can provide a respite from loneliness and, as a result, we see people form extremely powerful emotional bonds with their animals.

They’re Good For Us

Pets aren’t just fun friends to keep us company at home, they also have proven health benefits for their owners. Dogs require regular walks, which encourages us to go outside and get some much-needed exercise.

The health benefits of owning a pet go beyond just mere exercise as well. Scientific research has revealed that pet owners are statistically less likely to suffer heart attacks or high blood pressure, while they demonstrate higher survival and faster recovery rates from traumatic experiences like injury or surgery.

What these studies have demonstrated is that, while pets can lift our mood and prevent mental health conditions like depression, they are also effective at improving our physical health as well.

These benefits mean pets can be ideal for older people. The elderly are more likely to live alone and can be more prone to the aforementioned health risks, making pets the perfect companion for us as we age.

How To Keep Them Safe

For any pet owner, keeping their hairy chum happy, healthy, and safe is their number one priority. While many owners are fastidious about safeguarding their pet, animals have a tendency to do what they want and can often find themselves in dangerous situations.

Additionally, our pets are just as susceptible to infections and viruses as we are. In fact, they can often be more at risk, as they are less able to communicate that they are unwell until it has reached a serious point.

For these reasons, insuring your pet is absolutely vital. Vet bills can be exceedingly expensive, with even treatments for minor injuries and conditions incurring enormous charges. Take a look at Petsure, they offer a range of different coverage deals with cover for vet bills and pre-existing conditions.


There are few things stronger than the bond between an owner and their pet. They’ve been by our side for thousands of years and will no doubt to continue to be well into the future. They act as companions and can offer us incredible benefits for our physical and mental health. Keep your pet safe and healthy by getting them insured.

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