Whole Foods Market® Offers So Many Delicious Food Choices This Summer!

WFM- Harpoon-caught Swordfish     WFM- Wild Alaska Salmon

Summer Cooking couldn’t be any easier than shopping at Whole Foods Market. They have such a wonderful variety of foods from seafood to Summer Fruits and Veggies! They also have the best snacks for beach days, picnics, Barbecues and road trips!

Here are some of  the choices at Whole Foods Market®!

Sweet and Salty

Perfect for road, plane, boat or train:

  • NEW 365 Everyday Value®Organic Blueberry Lemon Low Fat Fruit on the Bottom Yogurt
  • NEW 365 Everyday Value® Organic Peach Melba Low Fat Fruit on the Bottom Yogurt –Limited Edition
  • NEW 365 Everyday Value® Spicy Jalapeño White Cheddar Popcorn – Limited Edition
  • NEW 365 Everyday Value® Sedona Fruit & Seed Mix – Limited Edition
  • NEW 365 Everyday Value® Roasted & Salted Sunflower Seeds
  • NEW 365 Everyday Value® Sriracha Sunflower Kernels – Special Edition
  • NEW 365 Everyday Value® Coconut Craze Granola with Almonds – Limited Edition
  • 365 Everyday Value® Organic Mango Habanero Pickle Chips – Limited Edition
  • 365 Everyday Value® Dill Pickle Potato Chips –A returning favorite
  • 365 Everyday Value® Thai Curry Cashews –Limited Edition
  • 365 Everyday Value® Freeze Dried Fruits
    • Available fruits: Raspberry, Blueberry, Banana, Granny Smith Apple, Mango, Strawberry, Pineapple

Sips to savor

Refreshing beverages with a touch of summer sweetness – ideas for family picnics or backyard barbeques:

  • 365 Everyday Value® Organic Lemonade Watermelon – Limited Edition
  • 365 Everyday Value® Organic Lemonade Berry Blend – Limited Edition
  • 365 Everyday Value® Organic Lemonade Matcha Green Tea – Limited Edition
  • NEW Whole Foods Market™Melon & Peach Italian Soda

Frozen favorites

Hot weather demands an icy-cold treat. These dreamy ice creams, sorbets and frozen pops are a must-have at any summertime soiree:

  • 365 Everyday Value® Limoncello Italian Gelato – Limited Edition
  • 365 Everyday Value®Fruit & Veggie Bars –A returning favorite
    • Available in three refreshing flavors: Carrot Tangerine, Berry Rhubarb, Tropical Greens.

But, my favorites are their Fruit and Veggies and their Seafood!

WFM- Watermelon    WFM- Tomatoe   WFM- Pineapples

I simply love Watermelon, Tomatoes and Pineapple! I love grilling tomatoes and pineapple is great grilled too! Watermelon is a hit in our house even with our dogs!

“What’s tasting best” summer list fromWhole Foods Market®:


Figs: Look for figs that are clean and dry without bruising. They should be soft, but not mushy. A firm fig is a sign that it is not ripe. It is also important to pick one with the stem firmly in place, as a loose stem is often an indicator for a mushy fig.


Pineapples: External color does not indicate ripeness. Choose plump, fresh-looking pineapples with green leaves and a firm shell. The ripening process halts after harvest so even green pineapples can be ripe!


Mangoes: Don’t focus on the color as mangoes are found in a variety of greens, yellows, reds, etc., so it is not always the best indicator. Instead, squeeze the mango gently; ripe mangoes will have a slight give. Similar to picking an avocado, always pick a mango based on how it feels.


Stone Fruit (Peaches & Nectarines): These fruits ripen in a specific way (from the stem end to the flower end and then outward to the pit), so you’ll want to choose fruit that gives gently when you press on the stem. And don’t pinch it with your fingers from the top. This causes bruising. Instead, pick the fruit up and give it a gentle squeeze in your palm. If the outer flesh is already soft, the fruit is past its prime. Also consider weight– the heavier, the juicier they are!


Corn: When choosing the best corn on the cob, feel for the kernels through the husk; make sure they’re plump and abundant.  Look out for brown, sticky tassels (versus dry or black) sticking out at the top. Finally choose husks that are bright green and wrapped tightly against the cob.


Tomatoes: Even coloring is the best indicator that a tomato is ready to be eaten. Despite common beliefs, you don’t want to squeeze tomatoes to check for ripeness—you could end up bruising them.


Zucchini (Squash): Larger zucchini tend to be more watery and lack in flavor, so try to go for the more reasonably sized ones. Regardless of color (green, yellow, or white), go for zucchini with vibrant, deep color—as those will be most flavorful. Finally, a good indicator the zucchini will last longer is if a good amount of the stem is still attached.


Honeydew: Unlike cantaloupe, a bit of the stem left on is OK as they’re cut from the vine (versus just slipping off). Drag your fingers across the skin of the fruit–if it feels smooth and slippery, that means the sugars haven’t yet risen to the skin and the melon isn’t ripe. If it’s slightly tacky feeling, not quite sticky, it’s ready to eat.


Watermelon: This picnic staple should be firm and symmetrical, with a dark green color indicating ripeness. A lot of people believe that knocking on the watermelon can determine how ripe it is, however this isn’t actually definitive.


Blueberries: You’ll find the best tasting blueberries throughout the summer when they are coming from both the east and west coast. Increased availability means shorter shipping distances, fresher berries and some of the most competitive prices of the year. When selecting blueberries, look for dark, plump berries with a whitish-gray, waxy deposit known as “bloom.” Avoid packages with wrinkled or red berries, these are indicators that it may be a bad batch.


Fresh Cherries: When looking for the best batch of cherries, it’s not so much about the shade of the cherries, so much as the depth of the color. A bright green stem indicates freshness, while wrinkling near the bottom of the stem means that they’ve been sitting out a tad too long.


Tip: Whole Foods Market makes it easy to learn the story behind your produce via our Responsibly Grown rating system, which labels produce and floral items that come from farms that are taking major steps to protect human health and the environment — from reducing pesticide use, and conserving water to recycling and ensuring safe working conditions for farmworkers.



Harpoon-caught Swordfish – Get it while it’s here! Harpooners bring us fresh swordfish for just a few months each summer, so now is the time to get cooking with this legendary fish. It also happens to be perfect for the grill with a rich flavor and firm flesh that hold up to the heat. Nova Scotia’s harpoon fleet was the first swordfish fishery to be certified sustainable by Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), using a traditional, time-honored fishing method and relying on knowledge handed down from generation to generation. Skillful harpooners target large, mature swordfish one-by-one, virtually eliminating the chance of catching other marine life or harming ocean habitat. Swordfish is at its richest and juiciest when cooked until opaque with just a hint of pink or ivory at the center. Don’t look for swordfish to flake when it’s done; this meaty fish remains firm and steak-like throughout cooking. Swordfish needs just a sprinkle of salt and a drizzle of olive oil for absolute deliciousness, but its big flavor also stands up beautifully to strong flavors and heavy spicing.

Wild Alaska Salmon (Copper River, King, Sockeye, Coho) – Even though salmon is enjoyed year-round thanks to farmed options, there’s something extra special about summer when the freshest, wild-caught Alaska salmon starts hitting stores.  Whole Foods Market has our very own port buyers, Anthony Jordan and Jason Hedlund, who live in Alaska during these months to work directly with fishermen. These relationships mean Whole Foods Market brings in each species at the peak of their particular season and fish often reach stores within 48 hours. The long-term partnerships with fisherman help Whole Foods Market offer the freshest, highest-quality fish summer after summer. Here’s a quick primer on the types of Alaska salmon and when they’re in season:

  • Copper River – the first wild Alaska salmon to arrive are Sockeye from the Copper River, and harvests are expected to be great in 2016! The robust flavor of sockeye stands up to seasonings and marinades, but works just as well when grilled simply with lemon, butter, salt and pepper.
  • King – King (Chinook) salmon is the most highly sought-after of all the salmon species due to its high oil content and moderate to full flavor. King comes in many shades of orange to red; there are even some tasty white-meated Kings. Some of the most highly prized are Yukon River Kings, Columbia River Spring Kings, and Copper River Kings. Omega 3s are also abundant in these fish.
  • Sockeye – Sockeye Reds draw people in with their bright red color and extra firm texture. Premium sockeye – that with the highest oil content – comes from either very long river systems or from glacial, very cold river systems.  The best sockeye comes from the Copper River, Frasier River, Yakutat (or really any location in Alaska).
  • Coho – comes to market a little later in the summer, and its milder flavor makes it a good choice if you’re introducing salmon to kids. This variety is also particularly great for grilling.

The Salmon is my year-round favorite!



Canned wine! – Picnics, pool parties and all things al fresco just got a lot easier with the influx of high quality canned wines hitting the market. Canned wine is one of the top wine trends for 2016, offering a convenient, lightweight and recyclable option for outdoor enthusiasts and wine lovers alike. We’re loving two brand new options that are perfect for summer. Presto Sparkling Cuvée brings our popular Presto prosecco to a convenient 4-pack of cans for just $12.99.  This sparkling cuvee offers crisp green apple and tropical notes, lively effervescence and a touch of richness on the finish.

Our wine experts, including resident Master Sommelier and global beverage buyer, Devon Broglie, are also digging West Side canned wines. Their chardonnay is perfect for warm weather!


Summer Top 10 wines – Whole Foods Market’s wine experts, Doug Bell, and Master Sommelier, Devon Broglie, have rounded up this season’s most exciting wines in their top 10 list below, all of which were hand selected to pair with the flavors of the season. All launch in stores on National Wine Day and are less than $20 a bottle!


  1. Presto Sparkling Cuvée in cans
  2. Broadbent Vinho Verde
  3. Oya Point Sauvignon Blanc
  4. Andover Estate Chardonnay
  5. Bieler Pere et Files Bandol Rosé
  6. Macedon Pinot Noir
  7. Globerati Tempranillo
  8. Capezzana Barco Reale
  9. Autoritas Cabernet Sauvignon
  10. Valravn Sonoma County Old Vine Zinfandel



Bone-in lamb shoulder chop – Summer is all about slowing down and keeping things simple, but you still want to wow your family and friends. One way to do that is with bone-in lamb shoulder chop. Lamb is in season year-round, but it’s particularly fresh and popular from spring to summer for its incredibly light, juicy flavor and tender texture.  Shoulder chops are wallet friendly and extra tender for the hot summer months with the added bone-in visual! Not sure of the best way to prepare? Ask Whole Foods Market’s butchers to provide some easy and fun grilling tips.


Grass-fed beef/ made-in-house burgers – Burgers are a summertime classic, and at Whole Foods Market, we like to turn it up a notch with our made-in-house patties. Grass-fed beef burgers come from cows that have been raised on pasture.  Look for the 100% grass-fed beef label. Since grass-fed beef is lower in fat it doesn’t require as much heat or time to cook – less time in front of a hot gril land more time for summer fun! Additionally, grass-fed beef is perfect for the summer because you can replace the missing fat with flavor. Create your own flavor combinations and spice rubs, or get Whole Foods Market’s ready-to-grill specialty patties like balsamic and onion or sriracha and bacon!

Summer shopping is a must at Whole Foods Market!

Self Disclosure: I received a gift card to facilitate this post and try out the Summer foods mentioned above. Photo Credit: Whole Foods Market.




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