Whole Foods Market-Instacart offer affordable, convenient Valentine’s Flower Delivery in Los Angeles


Here are some of Whole Foods top picks for the season, and for the first time ever, shoppers will be able to order these bouquets (and other Valentine’s Day essentials) online for delivery in as little as one hour  via Instacart.


Whole Trade® roses: Like all Whole Trade products, these roses are produced in ways that ensure better wages and working conditions for farm workers, provide fair prices to producers and support community development programs.

  • Why it matters: Through Whole Trade floral purchase, Whole Foods Market has funded more than $11.2 million in premiums to support improvement programs – from housing projects and school scholarships to medical and dental treatments – for floral workers, their families and their communities across Ecuador, Colombia and Costa Rica.
  • Fun fact: Did you know that Americans bought an estimated 247 million roses last Valentine’s Day?* Imagine the impact we could make if even a quarter of this year’s were Whole Trade!


Responsibly Grown flowers: Blooms rated under Whole Foods Market’s Responsibly Grown program means they come from farms that are taking major steps to protect air, soil, water and human health.

  • Why it matters: Not all flower farms are created equal. Responsibly Grown prohibits farmers from using some of the most hazardous pesticides still allowed in agriculture, and rewards growers who are protecting human health and the environment.
  • NOTE: The program is still rolling out across Whole Food Market nationwide. While all flowers are not yet rated, shoppers will find plenty of options to choose from. Look for “GOOD” “BETTER” or “BEST” Responsibly Grown labels in stores.



The scoop on sharing these picks (and more) via Instacart on a cupid-sized budget.

  • From Feb 9 to 15, shoppers across 15 major US markets can order flowers from Whole Foods Market via Instacartfor delivery in as little as one hour. (NOTE: floral options will not be available to view on Instacart before Feb. 9)


  • Instacart will be delivering flowers exclusively from Whole Foods Market for the holiday in three bouquet options: adozen red Whole Trade roses, a dozen non-red Whole Trade roses and a 20-stem bouquet of tulips. Prices start at around $25. Delivery fees range from $3.99 to $5.99, but first-time Instacart users get free delivery. Bouquets are delivered in festive paper wrap (not vases like the flowers you received).


  • The process is simple. Log on at Instacart.com or via the Instacart mobile app, pick your bouquet(s); use the “notes” feature to specify rose and tulip colors (we’ll do our best to fill it)** and what you’d like the handwritten card to say; choose a delivery window (within an hour, within two hours, or at a scheduled time); and check out.


  • Send more than just flowers! Include chocolates, candles, lotion or other romantic items, all curated by Whole Foods Market experts on Instacart’s Valentine’s Day aisle.


Credit including photo: Whole Foods. No compensation was received to post.

*AboutFlowers.com: Valentine’s Day Floral Statistics, http://www.aboutflowers.com/about-the-flower-industry/holiday-statistics/valentines-day.html

** Flower colors are subject to availability.

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