Where to Take Your Little Ones on Those Winter Days!



With the temperatures dropping and the holidays just around the corner, mommies and daddies everywhere are starting to think about where to take their little ones throughout the festive season.


My kids and I just love Thanksgiving, and while the evening will be spent with all the traditional turkey and other festivities, we’ll also be braving the cooler weather by taking a trip outdoors. If you need some inspiration, here are a few suggestions for great days out for all the family – plus a few suggestions on mommy and daddy me time.


The San Diego Boat Parades


A trip to San Diego is more than worth it for a Christmassy atmosphere this winter season. If you’ve never been before, hundreds of decorated boats across the harbors and canals on the Southern Californian coast will be covered in twinkling lights. It’s a joy to behold for families of all ages, although if you’re the kind of parents who don’t like the cold, consider warming yourself up with a hot chocolate while the kids marvel.



Outdoor Ice Skating


Ice skating is something that can be enjoyed by everybody from keen athletes to clumsy moms like myself, so why not capture the winter spirit with a little outdoor skating? If you’re around Los Angeles, try out the paradoxical but fun skating by the beach at Ice at Santa Monica, or head over to the Winter Wonderland that is CHILL, presented by the Queen Mary. Families can enjoy skating as well as ice slides, tubing, a holiday village and even an Ice Kingdom – Disney’s Frozen has nothing on this!


The Nutcracker


Traditionally something considered for adults, this Christmas you can take your kids to the a kids-only version of the play featuring dancing sugar plum fairies and monkey kings. At just 45 minutes long, it’s the perfect time for little ones to watch without getting too bored. You can check it out at the Segerstrom Center for the Arts on 13th December. And for the adults, check out the original in a local theater near you if you can find a babysitter.


Bring the games back home!


After all that fun outdoors, you’ll want to do something a little more relaxing at home too. Try digging out those old board games that are such favorites at Christmas – whether it’s Boggle or Buckaroo, these are guilty pleasures for kids and adults of all ages. And once the kids go to bed you can try a little guilty pleasure gaming of your own – the themed slots at www.casinosagafans.com give those mommies and daddies with a naughty streak the chance to unwind and win big.


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