What to Look for When Buying Cable Trunks for Your Equipment

Cable trunks are helpful storage tools that enable you to transport and store your events items safely. They act as protective cases for cables and other audio tools, allowing for easy transportation and management of your equipment.

With a sturdy cable trunk, you can streamline your events set-ups and ensure your equipment remains damage-free during transit to various types of events and during the events themselves. To ensure you find the best cable trunks out there and get a suitable case for your needs, here are some important considerations to take.

Size and Capacity

Cable trunks come in all shapes and sizes. You’ll need to make sure you choose a trunk that is large enough to fit your audio equipment inside but not so large that your cables and devices get thrown around during transit. Ideally, your equipment should fit snuggly into your case with little room to rattle around when you’re transporting it.

Compartments and Inserts

Many cable trunks have specific compartments and ties inside, which are moulded to fit certain audio devices, wires, or cables. Consider searching for a cable trunk that offers the right-sized compartments for the range of equipment you own, including deluxe headphones, mixers, and small musical instruments.

Be sure to take into consideration any future purchases you might make, too. If you’re planning on getting another large audio device or some additional cables, you’ll need to consider this when finding a suitable cable trunk.


Your chosen cable trunk must be made from durable materials that can withstand a lot of moving and handling without showing signs of wear and tear. The trunk must be able to hold the weight of heavy cables and tools without breaking. Common cable trunk materials include polyvinyl chloride (PVC), metal, or a combination of both.

Closing Mechanism

Cable trunks come with all sorts of closing mechanisms. Some have a snap-on lid, whilst others have a hinged design. Consider which type of closure you would prefer for your equipment case and filter your online searches appropriately.


The inside of a cable trunk can get hot and humid during transit and storage. Extensive heat and moisture can damage your equipment and increase the risk of rusting.

Finding a cable trunk with a good ventilation system will ensure your audio equipment is well-maintained and stays working optimally for your future events. In turn, you can have peace of mind and reduce your long-term costs by avoiding regular equipment replacements.

Design and Aesthetics

Although the appearance of your cable trunk isn’t necessarily the most important factor and doesn’t affect its functionality, it’s something to consider during your search. Cable trunks come in all sorts of designs and finishes, including plain, patterned, matte, and glossy options.

Choose a design that catches your eye and complements your overall aesthetic. If you already have other cases or trunks, you might want to choose a new cable trunk that matches perfectly to ensure cohesion across all of your equipment.

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