What to Look For in a Good Attorney

If you have been booked for a felony you will more than likely need a good attorney, and fast! If you have never been in trouble with the law, chances are you won’t know one you can turn to so you will be looking for one from scratch. Choosing an attorney who’s an expert in the area of the law you have been charged with is essential. This sounds like common sense but when you are panicking mistakes are easily made. A great DUI attorney is going to be way more helpful than someone who’s an expert in another area but dabbles in DUI.

Do Your Research

If you are able to, do as much research about your chosen attorney before contacting them. Check out long they have been practicing law, what qualifications they hold, and what experience they have. You will only have a short time to act if, for example, you are arrested for DUI so experience of dealing with DUI and DMV cases.

First Contact

From the outset, your attorney should be understanding and take control. He or she should be able to give you all the information you need to know and take over your case. If they sound a bit confused and there are lots of ums and ahs they may not be the best person for the job. You should feel immediately confident with your attorney and trust them to do their best for you. Most people panic a bit when their attorney starts talking about hearings but your attorney should make you feel at ease while they talk you through it.


If you cannot find any pertinent information when doing your initial research then make a list of questions you want to ask the attorney. An important one that many never think of asking is how many other clients they are currently representing. If they say none that should be a red flag as no decent attorney has periods with no clients whatsoever. At the other end of the scale if they say a large number you will be limited on how much time they can spend on your case.

Face to Face

Your new attorney should want to arrange a face to face meeting with you as soon as possible. The advantage of this is that it greatly aids the attorney-client relationship and makes you much more comfortable putting a face to the voice. You are relying on this person to get the best possible result for you in the courtroom. If they seem in no hurry to meet you are they really going to do their best for you?

Crucial Issues

When a hearing takes places the hearing officer will tend to focus only on the core issues. Your attorney will want to know every issue including what led to your arrest and any mitigating circumstances. He will determine whether your arrest was lawful and whether your

treatment since your arrest has been acceptable. He may well refute some of the issues raised and bring others to the table that will work in your favor. Irrelevant of what lies you may or may not have told the police you must be 100% honest with your attorney. He will represent you to the best of his abilities whatever you tell him and decide what he will use in your defense as some details you think will help you could have completely the opposite effect.

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