What to Do When Your Daughter Is a Junior Bridesmaid

Marriage represents a new chapter of life and should be treated as such. If your daughter is going to be the junior bridesmaid at a wedding, you need to know what roles she will play. Here are the different roles that junior bridesmaids play during different stages of a wedding:

Wedding Planning

If the bridal party is going to be involved in the wedding planning process, the junior bridesmaids should also be involved to keep them from feeling left out. Young girls usually enjoy activities such as cake tasting that happen during the wedding planning process. Your daughter might also enjoy dress shopping for gowns such as these particular ones. Little girls can also tag along for activities such as décor and party favor shopping.

Bachelorette Party

Although many people do not agree with having young girls at a bachelorette party, they can always be included in a different way. For example, if there is going to be a pre-party dinner that is age-appropriate, your daughter can attend. Just make sure that the adults will be on their best behavior during the dinner before allowing your little one to go.

Bridal Shower

To make the junior bridesmaids feel involved, the bride might invite them to the bridal shower. She can help to set up and clean up after the party ends. If the bride wants your daughter at the bridal shower, she should send an early invitation to give you time to prepare. Is your daughter too young to attend a bridal shower by herself? You can always accompany her.

The Ceremony

A junior bridesmaid can help in seating guests. However, this job will depend on the comfort level that the young girl has. Most people wonder whether it is odd for an old man to escort young bridesmaids down the aisle, but if your little one does not feel that it is strange, you should not turn it into a big thing.

However, if your little girl is slightly uncomfortable walking next to an older guy, you can ask the bride to find a person who is closer to her age. She can also walk alone if that is what she wants.

The Reception

During the reception, the junior bridesmaid plays the role of handing programs or party favors to the guests. If she wants to toast to the wedding like everyone else, you can ask the bride to get her a bottle of sparkling cider. She might also be included in the party dances, so you should ensure that she wears sensible shoes.

What Do Junior Bridesmaids Wear?

If the grownups are wearing sexy bridesmaid dresses, your daughter should wear something that is more age-appropriate. Most gown designers usually have a line for adults and another one for kids, making it easier for you to choose the right dress. If the wedding is several months away, you should keep in mind that little girls tend to have sudden growth spurts; this means that the dress might not fit on D day.

To avoid this issue, you should schedule a dress fitting on a date that is closer to the wedding. This way, you will ensure that the dress fits on the day of. Ensure that you involve your girl in every aspect of selecting her dress – she has to choose a color that she likes.


A junior bridesmaid plays different roles at a wedding. However, she is not under any obligation to fulfill any duty. Her main objective is to have fun; when preparing your daughter for this role, you should make sure that she understands this.

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