What To Do If You’re In A Hired Cab Accident?

There are a few events in life that can happen in the blink of an eye. A rideshare accident is one such occurrence that can happen due to nobody’s fault. However, it is imperative that you know what to do immediately after and on the days that succeed the accident. Read this blog to find the appropriate remedy.

  1. Make sure you and your loved ones are okay: As soon as you can balance your mind, check on your well being first. Are you injured fatally? If you cannot move, don’t try to wriggle out of tight spaces since there may be jagged pieces of glass or metal that may pierce your body. If you are traveling with co-passengers or family, check up on them to see if they are unharmed without moving from your place. Perform a quick assessment of your basic senses like wiggling your toes and fingers to sense movement. Check for any bleeding or neck and back injuries. If you think you or anyone in the accident has a spinal or head injury, do not move and try to best balance your head.
  2. Report the car accident: If you’re not gravely harmed and can use your phone, report the accident immediately. While help is on the way, contact the Rideshare company through their helpline or the app. Usually, all rideshare companies have a designated SOS number for such emergencies during the course of your journey so that you receive a direct line to assist. These parties will also be able to call in law enforcement officers and medical service providers or emergency respondents to your location by tracking you.
  3. Contact an appropriate attorney: Whether or not you’re injured, contact a rideshare accident lawyer to proceed with filing a lawsuit against the company. The drivers of such companies are under insurance while driving on duty, which is why you need not worry about them paying compensation from their pockets. Regardless of the degree of damage, the attorney will be able to get your family the appropriate redressal by taking the appropriate course of action. Very often, rideshare companies get cases dismissed or take them lightly because there are no fatalities. However, an accident can cause mental trauma and emotional distress, which are grounds enough for a lawsuit.
  4. Document the events of the accident: With the help of your phone, get as much footage of the wreckage as you can. This can involve pictures and videos of the crash site, the cars involved, their number plate and drivers. It also needs to involve an account of the damage caused, so include your property like luggage, electronics and any persons injured as well. Once you have the necessary images, you can present them to the court in case the company tries to evade compensation.
  5. Gather more information: If there’s more to an accident, you need to collect more information to build your case against the company. Find out whether the vehicle was in the proper condition to be used before your ride. Also, make sure that you collect evidence of the driver being at fault. If there was drunk driving involved, get a report from the first respondents or the hospital.
  6. Get medical assistance: An accident can cause severe physical trauma even if there are no injuries. Once the adrenaline rush wears off, you will be aching in a place you don’t remember getting hit in. Impact injuries need to be assessed carefully by medical professionals. If they recommend staying overnight for observation, do as they say. If there are any serious injuries involved, get all the treatment necessary and bill them for the amount chargeable.
  7. Refuse to accept any premature settlement: The rideshare company will try to settle with the affected parties with a premature amount. However, this is because the penalties for such accidents are very high. Do not settle to such an agreement and let your lawyer handle them. If the case has to move to court, the judge wills ee to it that you are compensated generously.
  8. Let your attorneys come up with proper compensation: There are several factors involved when it comes to compensation for such cab accidents. If you’re not sure what you’re eligible to receive, have your attorney calculate the dues and present your expectation to the rideshare company. The negotiation will get all your medical bills, treatment, therapy and damages covered.

Wrapping Up:

Even though being involved in a rideshare accident may seem challenging, it is your right to receive justice legally. We hope you use this information to help yourself or a loved one going through a similar situation.

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