What is a wall recliner?

If you still weren’t introduced to this amazing upgrade of chair technology, let us explain all its benefits. A wall recliner chair is a chair that can be placed near the wall, unlike regular furniture. It’s also known as “wallaway” recliner and “wall-saver” chair. This makes it perfect for small spaces or when you won’t want furniture This is the feature that made it so popular choice for home decor. Its functionality is followed by impeccable design easily combinable with any style. Wall recliners don’t have wheels, instead, everything is mounted to steel tracks so you can’t move your chair from its original position. All movement happens from there. Wouldn’t it be amazing to be in a totally relaxed position while watching your favorite TV show or playing video games? Most wall recliner chairs have amazing lumbar support with unlimited relaxation positions so you just need to pick one. But before that, let’s what types of wall recliners are there and how do they work. We will try to help you find the one that best suits you and fits your space perfectly.

How does it work?

When you want your chair back to recline, the cushion seat moves forward and the footrest can extend. The gliding mechanism on the bottom of the chair makes all these movements possible. Reclining options keeping the wall safe are what led to this chair also being called wall hugger. You can position the recliner char just a few inches from the wall and it will never move towards it.

Types of wall recliners

There are electric and manual recliners. Electric wall hugger recliner has buttons for all movements and those buttons are connected to a motor controlling all functions.

Manual wall huggers function like traditional adjustable chairs, using only bodyweight to move parts of the chair. This is a more affordable version of a recliner but if you don’t have an electrical plug near the chair, it becomes really handy.

You can move the entire chair or just separate sections with the pull of a lever if you have a manual chair or by pressing a button if it’s an electric one.

The electric recliner is a better choice if you have mobility issues or strength limitations. You just need to press a button for movement and once you pull your finger off the button that position will lock. Very easy, right? If you need help standing up from the chair there are power lift chairs to help with that.

How to choose a wall recliner?

The top 3 quality checkpoints for wall hugger recliners are:

● strong framework

● smooth mechanism

● durable fabric.

A strong framework is pretty self-explanatory, you don’t want a weak construction that will fall apart after several seatings.

A smooth mechanism will ensure no squicky sounds, comfortable movement, and hassle-free smooth adjusting.

When choosing a fabric, good choices are stain and tear-resistant materials that will withstand all the recliner’s movement. There are also eco-friendly, pet-friendly, antimicrobial and performance fabrics

When choosing a recliner chair, make sure it fits your requirements, and keep in mind that you can order a custom one made by your measures. Make sure that it fits your space without crowding it and answer the question: who will sit on it? This might seem not as important but it does make a difference if you’re buying a chair for a nursery, living room, only adults place, or a place with children. If you have pets or children, leather is easier to clean than fabric and might be the best choice. Be careful about placement since it can determine the size of the chair. Is it gonna be placed near windows or doors? Keep that in mind when purchasing.

If you’re purchasing this chair because of health convenience then movement options and extras will be your focus point. It is very important that the recliner has back support for the spine curve otherwise, you won’t get the back support you need.

Other factors that you need to take into consideration are comfortability, adjustability, price, maintenance, appearance, and durability. If you’re gonna use it daily comfort and support are a must. Durability is also necessary if you plan to use it often. Maintenance needs to be easy if you have children or pets.

Additional options

Wall hugger recliners are sometimes produced with built-in massage systems. Also, very popular for health issues are recliners with memory foam seats since the foam follows your body shape and molds to it. Other extras you may run into are a special handle on the left side for lefties, high-pressure gel, an added layer of padding on the arms, extra heat, additional back styles, or aero seating.


There are so many types and options when it comes to wall recliner chairs. So many shapes, fabrics, movement options, sizes, health supports, and functional extras. Do you feel like you don’t know where to search and for what to search for? That’s ok. Start with a simple question: What is it that you need? If it’s a health-adjusted chair explore those options further. If you just want a modern chain with flexible positions, check movement options. Balancing your budget with all your wishes might be hard, so go for what is needed, not what would be nice to have. Also, aim for quality and check warranty and protection plan information before you make a purchase. It all comes down to your preferences and what suits your needs.

If you’re still not sure about what to look for when shopping, here you can find wall recliners  to choose from.

There is a chair that will be perfect for you and if it’s not, almost all companies offer custom-made chairs. You want to get it right from the first time so do your research, make a list of your requirements, and cross analyze. And there you go, a step closer to your perfect chair! Just don’t get too lazy, these chairs have the power of comfort to keep you on them all-day.


  1. Wall recliners are awesome especially when you are cramped for space. There are many different types of wall hugger recliners in different materials and sizes. I find that a wall hugger recliner can be put just about anywhere. Is there any particular brand that you recommend?

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