What age should kids start acting?

Is your little one photogenic and always on top of any family video? Does he not feel shy or uncomfortable in front of the camera, does he feel confident and happy to improvise? If so, then he has a talent that adults should develop in him from an early age. And who knows, maybe in the future he will become a famous actor, host of a popular show or pop star. Casting Kids is the best solution for you and your children.

How to understand that the child can be sent to the casting?

Children cannot make independent decisions until they reach adulthood, which is why parents decide on castings. At what age can you try a child at castings https://kidscasting.com/ and is it worth doing it at all? What you need to know:

  • The child by age belongs to the category from infancy to 12 years. You can become a model from birth, as there are castings and offers for very young children – advertising for baby food, diapers, cribs, strollers, medicines, etc. But the most suitable age to start is from 3-4 years. At this time, it is easier for the child to explain what you want from him. In addition, the kid can already study at schools for actors, and models, which greatly simplifies the filming process.
  • The child turns out well in the photo.
  • The kid is constantly happy, laughing, and not being naughty.
  • Both boys and girls are needed, but it is easier with girls: moms and dads are much more likely to see daughters as models, not sons. Boys should look very masculine, without long hair. In girls, on the contrary, long hair is valued, allowing you to invent various images. Most often, children with clean fair skin are needed – after all, you can’t put makeup on such crumbs. You also need big eyes. And, of course, the most important thing is the character of the child: how the baby reacts to strangers, his sociability, and his cheerfulness. The child should look happy – after all, in advertising everyone is happy and always smiling.
  • The parents of the child have enough time to attend auditions several times a month or even a day.

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