WHAM-O boogieboard RIPSTER Surfboard

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If you live in sunny SoCal, you can still go out in the ocean because we still have warm sunny days even in the Fall and Winter!  I took up boogie boarding during the summer and don’t think I am quite ready for a surfboard but the boogieboard RIPSTER Surfboard is a great board to transition to. It is recommended for ages 8+ and is the perfect size for kids that age but it also worked quite well for me. I’m 5-4 and weigh around 115. I like that it s real surfboard shape ans includes a Removable Fin which is quite easy to install.  It also has a Fiberclad Deck and a Phuzion Core. I am having fun with this one during our heat wave. When it cools down, looks like I will just have to throw on a wet-suit! Maybe next summer I will be ready for a surfboard!

You can check out WHAM-O’s website for stores that sell surf goods, and/or your local surf shop or sporting good store.

Self Disclosure: I received a free product to facilitate this feature.


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