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Experience a Day of Wellness, Art and Music in Santa Monica: Conscious Market & LA Art Space, March 2

Downtown Santa Monica, Inc. is thrilled to announce two exciting events happening in the heart of Santa Monica on Saturday, March 2nd: Conscious Market and LA Art Space. Conscious Market | March 2 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m Join us as we kick off the return of Conscious Market along the Third Street Promenade starting Saturday, March 2 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., and continuing on … [Read More...]

Exclusive 21+ Events Invite Guests to Sip this Spring in Support of Wildlife Conservation

Photo Credit: Jamie Pham/GLAZA The Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association (GLAZA) is thrilled to announce upcoming 21-and-over events that promise unforgettable experiences for guests. Don't miss this opportunity to sip, stroll, and support wildlife conservation efforts at the Los Angeles Zoo.  Sustainable Wine+Dinner Series Date: Thursdays, March 7, April 11, and May 9, … [Read More...]

Feb 24-25: L.A. Chinatown Firecracker 5K/10K Race & Kiddie Run & PAW’er Dog Walk & 19/50-Mile Bike Rides; Celebrating Year of the Dragon & Lunar New Year

L.A. Chinatown Firecracker 5K/10K Run/1K Kiddie & PAW’er Dog Run/Walk & 19/50-Mile Bike Ride — Celebrating 46 years, the L.A. Chinatown Firecracker is one of the largest and oldest running races in the U.S. with its upcoming Lunar New Year run, walk, cycling and dog walk events held over the weekend of February 24-25, 2024, at the historic Los Angeles Chinatown … [Read More...]

The Aquarium of the Pacific will host its twenty-second annual African American Festival on the weekend of February 24 and 25

Photo credit: Aquarium of the Pacific  The Aquarium of the Pacific will host its twenty-second annual African American Festival on the weekend of February 24 and 25. The event features music, dance, historical displays, and the Aquarium’s Heritage Award ceremony. Guests can experience presentations, including storytelling, hip hop and break dance, drum circles, and live bands. They … [Read More...]

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SoCal City Kids News

Regarding Her Fest Returns for 4th Annual Celebration

Regarding Her (RE:Her) will celebrate Women’s History Month with its 4th annual festival designed to support women-owned and led food and beverage businesses. This year, the festival (previously “10 Days”) will grow to span the month of March with events from March 1 through March 31. The festival will kick-off together with the Los Angeles Wine & Food Festival (March 1 - 3) where … [Read More...]

Hey Buddy Hey Pal has partnered with Make-A-Wish for the “My True Wish” sweepstakes

Make-A-Wish North Texas Joins Forces with Hey Buddy Hey Pal and TheirEggMazing Egg Decorator Line for "My True Wish" Sweepstakes, Offering$10,000 to Fulfill Someone's True Wish Running now through March 15th, this campaign is designed to not only fulfill the dreams of children battling critical illnesses but also to offer participants a chance to win an incredible $10,000 prize to fulfill their … [Read More...]

Marvel at Over 40 Paintings from the James Irvine Swinden Family Collection on Public Display for the First Time at Casa Romantica

San Clemente’s premiere cultural destination, Casa Romantica Cultural Center and Gardens, is pleased to announce the opening of its latest exhibition, “Madeline’s Treasures, Selections from the James Irvine Swinden Family Collection.” Featuring over 40 paintings from the Irvine Family Collection, “Madeline’s Treasures” invites viewers to experience a love letter of art from Mr. Swinden to his late … [Read More...]

The Road to Recovery: 8 Addiction Milestones

Embarking on the journey to recovery from addiction is a monumental step that signifies courage, hope, and the determination to embrace a new chapter in life. As individuals navigate this path, recognizing and celebrating each milestone achieved becomes a source of motivation and a testament to their resilience. This article outlines eight pivotal milestones on the road to recovery, offering … [Read More...]

Strategies for Boosting Mental Health and Resilience

Our mental health is just as important as our physical health. In today's high-stress world, it's crucial that we take steps to protect and nurture our psychological well-being. Practising mindfulness, making healthy lifestyle choices, and building resilience can go a long way in boosting mental health. In this article, we'll explore some effective strategies for enhancing mental wellness, … [Read More...]

Featured Products

Swoon-Worthy Treats & Eats for Valentine’s Day!

Treats for your Valentine! Wiley Wallaby Classic Red Licorice  Tasty and delicious… the perfect choice for handing out on Valentine’s Day! Wiley Wallaby offers soft and chewy licorice that satisfies cravings for a sweet treat! Wiley Wallaby Licorice is fat free, vegan, and does not contain artificial colors and flavors. The Classic Red Licorice is thick, chunky and super-soft, … [Read More...]

Parent’s Dream Solution to Better Sleep for Sick Kids!

Tum&Bum  Looking for a way to make your child more comfortable when they have a cold? Tum&Bum is the solution! Made for toddlers, this organic sleep aid’s simple, efficient design creates a slope to drain mucus and ease congestion.  Tum&Bum’s comfortable, supportive surface promotes clearer breathing, less coughing, sniffling and sneezing. You’ll notice the … [Read More...]

More Holiday Gift Ideas

PLAYMOBIL Rainbow Castle in the Clouds Climb up the rope ladder and join the princesses in the Rainbow Castle.  Find a seat on the rainbow merry go round or look out on the horizon through the telescope.  You and a friend can sit on the swing while enjoying some tasty treats.  Pegasus will roam close by.  Play with this set on its own or combine it with other PLAYMOBIL … [Read More...]

Holiday Must-Buy if you Celebrate Christmas!

Guess this mystery doll? Looking to start a new tradition with your little ones? This next one is a new favorite of mine and I don't even have a little one. Have you guessed who the doll is on the left? It's Santa! I know! He isn't completely in all his Santa Claus gear but that's because I've decided to play along! Each day we are adding a new clothing item! As a parent you have likely … [Read More...]

Last Minute Stocking Stuffers!

Know someone always planning the next hike or outdoor adventure, or is a conservationist at heart? Give a stocking stuffer they’ll appreciate at Lemongrass Farms, makers of the first water-based all-natural repellent enhanced with plant-based moisturizers lemongrass, peppermint, geranium, and cedarwood oils. While you gift one to a family, friend, or co-worker, the brand will … [Read More...]

It’s Time for the Holiday Baby Round-Up!

GoSili Reusable Sili Cups GoSili Reusable Sili Cups are 100% European-grade platinum silicone and feature an embedded stainless-steel ring that prevents the cup from collapsing when gripped. Smart, simple design meets amazing functionality! GoSili cups are incredibly durable, can grow with your child, and are meant to last a lifetime…which is kind of the point! It’s an easy, sustainable … [Read More...]

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Media Reviews

Popular Theory * Highlights The Concept That Friendship Is All About Chemistry

Popular Theory follows Erwin, a 12-year old genius, far smarter than any of her high school classmates. But Erwin's genius has come at a price: isolation. She doesn’t have any friends and even her sister thinks she’s a social leper. Determined to win the State Science Fair, she teams up with classmate Winston, a fellow outcast and chemistry guru, to create a popularity chemical which they add … [Read More...]

A Nashville Wish * The Romantic Country Film Of A Lifetime. Combining Drama, Country Music, And Romance

A country singer falls for the girl of his dreams and has to choose between love and his dreams of stardom in Nashville. KIDS FIRST! Film Critic Kyla C. comments, “A Nashville Wish is the romantic country film of a lifetime. Combining drama, country music, and romance, this film is engaging and enjoyable.” Eshaan M. adds, “With a foot-tapping score, A Nashville Wish is a classic family watch … [Read More...]

Celebrate Black History Month 2024 with these books!

Coretta: The Autobiography of Mrs. Coretta Scott King by Coretta Scott King; illustrated by Ekua Holmes (Godwin Books, On Sale 01/02/24, Ages 4-8): Adapted from her adult memoir, this is the first picture book authored by the late, Corretta Scott King, and an unrivaled chance to introduce the next generation to The King family’s profound legacy.  All Boys Aren't Blue: A Memoir … [Read More...]

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Beauty and Fashion Corner

Healthy skincare routine for Tweens!

Must for tweens! Be-Tween was founded by Namhee, a parent of tween children. She grew up in Korea and her own mother taught her the importance of skin care. Namhee knew that her kids weren’t ready for harsh anti-acne treatments and masks, so she created the brand with them in mind. Be-Tween Skincare Products Aloe Cleansing Ball Face Cleanser. Our gentle face cleanser freshens … [Read More...]

 Burke Williams Day Spa Offers Memberships to Prioritize Wellness in the New Year

Photo courtesy of Burke Williams.  Burke Williams, California’s leading luxury day spa, is the ultimate destination to prioritize health and wellness in the New Year with membership options for every lifestyle. To start the New Year right, guests may also apply a pre-existing gift card balance toward a new membership, immediately receiving member pricing upon enrollment.  Regular spa … [Read More...]

Beauty Stocking Stuffers!

Organic Beauty & Hair Products  Bootleg Bath, a groundbreaking, eco-friendly beauty brand that redefines the world of bath and hair products.  Bootleg Bath creates high-quality, handcrafted, unique, and sustainable self-care products, artfully inspired by cocktail themes; using only the finest organic and natural ingredients all handcrafted in the USA. Why Bootleg Bath Stands … [Read More...]

Be the Life of the Party with Make It Real Party Nails: Glitter Nail Studio!

Tweens will love this! The glitter vortex has arrived! Introducing the no-mess, all-sparkle manicure solution young fashionistas and parents are going to love! Make It Real (MIR), a leading lifestyle brand for tweens and teens specializing in DIY, beauty, and fashion, introduces its latest groundbreaking innovation, Party Nails: Glitter Nail Studio. Decorating sparkly party nails has never … [Read More...]

Pet Corner

Roxanne, March 1 Pet of the Week

awwwwww Roxanne doesn’t need that red dress or any accouterment other than a collar, a harness, an ID tag and a strong leash to take her on long walks, which she loves. She’s a favorite of the shelter volunteers, who have loved this affectionate, loyal 2-year-old since she came in a very long time ago. Please give her a happy ending! Our shelter is overflowing with dogs, and they all need … [Read More...]

Mosely, Feb. 23 Pet of the Week

soooo cute! Mosley is a diamond in the ruff who’s waiting for his forever person to see him as the jewel that he is! As you can see, he’s a volunteer favorite who’s wonderfully affectionate and small for a pittie—one volunteer calls him an apartment-size dog! He's smart, eager to please and athletic—he races through the agility tunnel within seconds of being introduced to it! He knows … [Read More...]

How to Choose the Best Paw Balm for Your Dog?

Dogs use their paws for everything from walking to digging to communicating. But paws can easily become dry, cracked, and irritated. Paw balms provide nourishing protection to keep your pup’s paws healthy in any conditions. This article will help you pick the ideal balm to soothe and repair your dog’s hardworking paws. Signs Your Dog's Paws Need More Care Watch for these clues that it’s … [Read More...]

Eclipse, Feb. 16 Pet of the Week

awwwww Eclipse is a lovable, smart girl who needs out now, with a person experienced in handling a dog of her size, breed and energy level. Eclipse was found as a stray last September and began to suffer kennel stress and reaction to other dogs while on a leash. She was adopted and returned within a week because of her reactiveness. She’s also developed treatable medical issues. Eclipse was … [Read More...]