Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Photo by Laura Ockel on Unsplash

 Are you looking for great gift ideas for Valentine’s Day?
Here are a some of my favorites!
Does your special someone love coffee? This one will be a hit! Melitta Coffee: Something to Warm Their Heart!

Spread the love this Valentine’s Day with Melitta Coffee. For the coffee lover in your life, Melitta has a number of chic, affordable (all under $30.00) items that make for a thoughtful, unique Valentine’s gift (and a great cup of coffee)!

  • For the clumsy – For the first time, Melitta is offering a pour-over made out of Tritan™ material, making it shatter resistant. Perfect for travelers and people on-the-go, as well as those that are not to be trusted with breakable items. $14.99
  • For the traditionalist – The new porcelain versions offer those with classic tastes a variety of matte options as well as the ever-popular gloss white. $19.99
  • For the style conscious – The new metallic finished versions offer a modern take on the classic design that bring an added touch of sophistication to any kitchen. $29.99


 This next one is a bit different and I love this educational and unique gift idea! GIANTmicrobes – Educational & Humorous Hearts & STDs.
Here’s an adorable collection of hearts and STDs, to help express yourself when you just can’t find the right words… It’s the perfect gift for your significant other, co-worker, friend or even an EX. From Heart of Gold, Broken Heart, Heart to Heart, Cupid’s Heart, Sperm and Egg Cell, to Kissing Disease, Herpes, Chlamydia, HPV, and Penicillin – GIANTmicrobes has an entertaining critter for EVERY occasion! And if you can’t find the perfect one, get five! The Valentine’s Day themed gift sets include a variety of mini microbes in their Heart Burned, Heart Warming and Tainted Love boxes! I love this unique idea!
Find out more here!

I also received one of my own GIANTmicrobes and I love how unique these are! Check out the website at:

This next one would make a great gift for your special someone!
I love both of these items from Organic Aromas. Their new Opulence diffuser. made from ceramic would make a wonderful gift. I like that it is actually pretty quiet. Many diffusers aren’t as quiet as this one. It is made of ceramic and I love the unique shape! It’s also quite powerful. I gave this to my husband and he uses it all the time! The Discovery Collection is a must buy to go with the diffuser.  There are 40 different single, organic and blended essential oils in cute little 2ml custom glass vials.I love this because you can find which of the 40 scents is your favorite.
You can find both on Check out their website too!
Do you have a man in your life that likes socks? Yes! Socks are a great gift item!
And, an even greater idea is a men’s sock subscription with a social cause! Society Socks ( is a great one to check out! I love the designs on the socks, and they are high-quality socks! I highly recommend this one. This monthly subscription includes 2 stylish pairs each month and 2 pairs are donated to those in need. Now, how cool is that?! Also, free shipping worldwide on your sock subscription.
This next one is a personal favorite of mine and I really recommend it for anyone who loves to meditate! This year I am actually trying to practice this more myself! 
The Crystal Cove Collection Meditation Pillow is Designed by LA yoga instructor Angela Kukhahn. It is simply amazing! I love the design and that it is comfortable and soft. The design is actually waves that were inspired by the surf and tide pools found at California’s Crystal Cove State Park. I think that is really amazing! You can find this amazing pillow at
 And Hallmark always has the best cards! This Valentine’s Day..give a card and some vinyl! This is just too cool! Look for them at your local Hallmark stores!
Self Disclosure: I received samples to feature. Images were provided on many of the products. Society Socks Photo Credit: SoCal City Kids.

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