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Birthdays come around every month. There is absolutely no doubt about the fact that most kids nowadays love the idea of having a unicorn-themed birthday party. Unicorns are all about tons of sweetness, sugar, shimmer and the evergreen single horn. The idea of making use of artificial food dyes prove to be one of the best ways for pulling off a great unicorn-themed birthday party. If you are someone who wants to pull off a unicorn-themed birthday party for your child without having to make use of tons of stuff, then this is just the piece of information you will need. Whether you intend on contributing the whimsical or the sweet yet dreamy décor, this article contains all the perfect ideas you can make use of. For even more Unicorn party ideas and gifts you may want to check out dreamingunicorns.com.au they have an absolute huge range of unicorn products.

The unicorn cupcakes:

One of the most awaited things at any birthday party is the sweet delights. What better way to add in the touch of a unicorn than to offer the children their very own unicorn cupcakes.  Make sure that the cupcakes you choose should contain major elements of the mythical creature; these could range from the addition of a multicolor frosting or a cute little horn on the very top of the cupcake. The best way to achieve this would be to add on some multicolored sprinkles that are sparkly enough to look at.

Sparkly props and supplies:

One element which you just cannot miss when it comes to arranging a unicorn-themed birthday party is the amazing props and other supplies. You can print the images of unicorns from the internet and efficiently cut them out in a fancy manner. In order to incorporate a real-life unicorn effect, you can sprinkle on a lot of glitter on top of the cutouts. This will make the props look even more appealing. While preparing for the party you can add multicolored napkins, plates, spoons to make everything seem dreamy.

Unicorn style paper straws:

It is a very obvious thing that you will be serving the kids and everyone else some sweet drinks. Some good ideas for drinks include strawberry milkshakes, sparkly seltzer or any other kind of colored drink in order to incorporate the unicorn element. Before serving the drinks to everyone, make sure to offer them some cute little unicorn style paper straws. These straws will manage to capture the attention of all the children, with the tiny little unicorn face on the side of the straws. One more fun idea could be writing down the names of the children on each of the straws, to make them feel even more special and welcomed.

Cloudy balloons:

Unicorns are believed to be sky creatures; therefore you can add a set of balloons which represent clouds. You can achieve this step by setting the white balloons in such a manner that they end up looking like a cloud. Placing a unicorn picture or cutout in the middle will also help.


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