Two St. Louis dads put their heads together to produce brainskinz™ interchangeable-shell helmets


Do your kids dislike wearing the traditional bike helmets for biking and skateboarding?

Maybe it is time to try a new one!

After five years in the making, Brainskinz Helmet Systems, LLC has officially launched its line of brainskinz™ interchangeable-shell helmets. Combining safety and style, brainskinz™ helmets have been thoughtfully designed with kids in mind.


“I kept seeing kids, time and again, riding without helmets all over the neighborhood,” said founding partner, John Polansky. “They’d often have their helmets with them, but dangling from their handlebars. I eventually started to question them on this and was continuously told that they either didn’t like the way their helmets looked, or they didn’t like the way they felt. I was determined to figure out a way to make kids want to wear their helmets while out biking or skateboarding, and knew that it was a matter of combining function and form with a bit of personal expression.”


Industrial design engineers at Fred Sparks (, along with Polansky himself, designed both the “Base” helmet which brainskinz calls “function,” as well as the decorative “Shells” which brainskinz calls “form.”


The base helmet is comfortably outfitted with soft, satiny padding, an adjustable clasp-style chinstrap, and a dial-fit that perfectly conforms to a child’s head. The base helmet meets safety testing requirements for bicycling and skateboarding, and can be worn with or without a shell. “The shell, however, is kinda the whole point,” said partner Brad Gilmore. “Choosing and changing the shell is where the fun comes in. Kids love being able to express themselves, changing out the shell based on whatever mood or style they’re feeling that day.”

SoCal City Kids received samples and I love the designs of them! I had a few of our younger testers try them out and they were a big hit! The kids loved the designs and also said that they are comfortable to wear! I think it is important that kids like them because well..otherwise they just may not wear them!

More About brainskinz:

brainskinz™ are fun, changeable helmets that your kids will love to wear! brainskinz™ are colorful, playful, and just plain fun. brainskinz™ can be worn pretty much any time your kids are in motion, and when they get tired of a design, they can simply detach the current Shell and choose another from their collection. Keeping it fresh means keeping them on their melons!

Self Disclosure: I received free samples to facilitate this post. Photo was provided.


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