Turtle Shell® – Bluetooth Speaker

OT1800-P-Wireless Boombox-TURTLE SHELL 2-Purple-Accessories View-6144x4096   OT1800-P-Wireless Boombox-TURTLE SHELL 2-Purple-Profile View-6144x4096

Looking for a great wireless speaker? The Turtle Shell is my favorite! It is high quality and the sound is just great! I was impressed with how loud this little speaker could be. It’s not that little, but the sound just blew me away! It is also Shock proof, water resistant and comes in a variety of colors (White, Black, Electric Blue, Red, Sea Foam Green, Purple, Orange and Green). It retails for $129.95. I just love this Turtle Shell 2.0 Rugged Wireless Boom Box! You can wirelessly connect to devices such as your iphone! Did I say it is loud? Of course, you don’t have to play it loud! I am just impressed with how loud it can be. You can also purchase  the Turtle Claw Bike & All Purpose Mount and attach it to your bike. It is not included but you can buy it separately. Check out Outdoor Tech.com for this and other great products.

Self Disclosure: I received a free product to facilitate this post but any opinions expressed are honest and my own.


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