Tuesday, January 5th, is National Bird Day!

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This day points to the need to “keep wildlife wild” and to protect birds in their native habitats and sponsoring organization, Born Free, is promoting the day with a special giveaway of Raffi’s forthcoming album Owl Singalong.

Check out the Giveaway here!

Raffi’s Owl Singalong will release on January 15th. Fans may pre-order the album now via iTunes, Amazon and other retailers, and enjoy watching his newly released animated “Owl Singalong” video.


Raffi, as you probably know, is firmly committed to anything that is sustainable and green. He’s a fervent supporter of wildlife preservation, and his children’s albums reflect his love for animals and nature. Here’s what he says about National Bird Day:


“Throughout my career I have advocated for respect for children and the natural world.   My new album, Owl Singalong, opens with a recording of the hoots from owls who live near my home. Let’s keep all the birds singing! Thank you to Born Free USA for promoting National Bird Day and keeping birds in the wild!”  – Raffi



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