Transforming the Princess into a Superheroine…Good-bye Damsel in Distress!


Do you think it’s time to transform the princess from a damsel-in-distress into an awe-inspiring superheroine?
How about a gender independent princess who better represents the growing cultural and racial diversity of our society? We’d like to introduce Princess Ten Ten – the world’s first-ever gender independent East Asian princess-superheroine.
This ‘gender independent’ princess goes against the norms of her culture; she won’t wear dresses, has messy short hair, and she practices a martial arts that has traditionally been exclusively for boys. As a child she is bullied because she is so different. Even her own father shuns her because she is not the child he thought he wanted. But she perseveres. She becomes a superheroine, earning the title of Guardian of the Skies by ridding her city of the air pollution that is making people suffer.
This is the fourth story in the new Guardian Princess book series. These beautifully illustrated stories redefine the princess into heroines who protect the people and the planet.
I received a copy of the book Princess Ten Ten And The Dark Skies and found it a fun and positive story. I love that the story promotes racial, cultural, and gender diversity. A must-read for children everywhere! 
For more information on Princess Ten Ten, please visit their site at
Self Disclosure: I received a free sample of a book to facilitate this feature.

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