Traffic Laws Across the Nation: See How Each State Does Something Slightly Differently

Driving is one of those things in life where you just know how to do it once, and then you’ve pretty much got it for life. Whatever state you learn to drive in, you’ll learn the laws of the road and you’ll probably stick with those laws for the rest of your life. However, did you know that many states actually have different traffic laws from one another?

Yeah, it can get pretty confusing at the best of times. While many basic rules are the same, such as which side of the road you’re driving on and making sure you obey the speed limit, there are plenty of different laws out there, some of which are very weird and very wonderful.

With this in mind, we’re going to take a look into some of the weirder and most unique traffic laws in some of the states; perfect for either educating yourself for your next trip there or just has a piece of random knowledge!


While this is probably quite self-explanatory, Alabama road traffic laws specifically state that you cannot drive a vehicle while blindfolded. I would say that the origin of this law may be quite an interesting one to find out.


Make sure you’re not honking your car horn at anywhere, any place, or any building that serves cold drinks, beverages, and sandwiches after 9 pm, or you’re officially breaking the law.


I’m not from Connecticut, but I can’t imagine this one being the case in the modern-day, but officially in New Britain, it’s illegal for fire trucks to drive over 25 mph, even while on their way to deal with a fire. Strange to see how that law came about.


If you’ve got something stuck in your mouth, you better not be spitting out the window of your car, or a public transport vehicle, such as a bus, because you’re technically breaking the state traffic laws and may end up in trouble! If you’re spitting from a truck, however, you should be fine. If not, you may need to get yourself successful car accident lawyers to help get you off!


While this traffic law is a little more understandable in some circumstances, the island of Hawaii traffic laws state that it’s against the law for any vehicle to be moving while using their hazard lights. Make sure you don’t flash them if you see someone you know out of habit!


Now, while I’m sure this law isn’t enforced anymore, the actual traffic laws in this state claim that a woman’s husband must, by law, wave a flag in front of her car before she’s allowed to legally drive it. Imagine standing in a court of law and giving testament to this one.


You can’t buy a car on a Sunday. Sorry, it’s simply against the law.


And there we have it; just a handful of some of the perhaps strangest traffic laws in the States. While many of them are perhaps not enforced anymore, it’s always a good idea to keep an eye open for crazy laws you may not know about, so you don’t get into trouble!

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