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Looking for a fun way to teach your child about Arizona? 


This one is filled with fun and wacky facts and children will find it lots of fun! It is great for homeschooling too! My son and I loved the activities and the fun facts! 

Check out for this one and many other great  books this holiday season!

The next two books are part of a series and great for ages 9-14.

GINL_TheProdigalssmassss    GITL Cavern of Promise

You may remember that I featured the first book in this series: Giants in the Land Book One: The Way of Things by Clark Burbidge.

The next two books in the series are now available!

About Book Two: The Prodigals

Book Two of the Giants in the Land Trilogy follows Thomas, as a much older man now serving as the Land’s Forest Ward and two of his grandchildren (seventeen-year-old Tommy and thirteen-year-old Rose). Thomas, Tommy, and a band of lost prodigals are placed on a dangerous path toward destiny or destruction. Though they are unprepared, they are all that stands between hope for the future and loss of all they hold dear.


The Prodigals continues the story of Giants in the Land a few years after book one left off. This time the focus is on family; the immediate family made by generations and then the family that is made by where you live with your friends and neighbors. What makes us giants? Not choosing the easy way out, standing up for what we believe in and what is right and our dedication to our family.

We received a copy of this one and it is action-packed and great for middle-school readers. My son really enjoys the adventure in this series. 

We also received Book Three and it truly is a must-read!

About Book Three: The Cavern of Promise

Thomas and his giant companion have disappeared. At the mercy of the evil king of Westland, in great peril, and with no hope for escape, Thomas faces an impossible test for survival. Book Three caps this award-winning trilogy with a danger-ridden triple quest: save Thomas, redeem a lost people, and reverse the land’s painful slide toward destruction. Can help be found in a mythical cave at the far edge of the world? Whispered legends speak of a ferocious tribe, fearsome obstacles, and fabled treasure. Join Thomas and his companions under an uneasy truce, risking all to seek the source of redemption―the Cavern of Promise―in a journey that could bring deliverance . . . or doom.

You can purchase Book Two and Book Three on

Self Disclosure: I received free copies of the above books to facilitate this post.


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