Too Clever VI Jason’s Eagle


New Children’s Book Explores Young Boys’ Fascination with American Bald Eagles.

Jason’s Eagle by Dr. Julia E. Antoine, is Volume 6 in the delightful Too Clever children’s book series. In the first story, Jason was five. Now he is 10 and full of himself. However, he has maintained his love for the American Bald Eagle, only now he is experiencing many more amazing adventures. He lives on the shores of the Long Island Sound, near Connecticut River. he is so fascinated with the American Bald Eagles that fished in the waters near his home, he spends every free moment he has watching them.


Everything about the bald eagles fascinates Jason, from the way they fly in the sky to the way they hunt for food. Even the way they build such huge nests grabs his attention. No other bird flies like the bald eagles.


My son and I enjoyed this book and found it an interesting book to read! We loved the illustrations and Jason’s adventures.  Aimed primarily at boys ages 9 to 12. Available on Amazon and wherever fine books are sold. For more information visit the following website. Book retails for $21.99.

Self Disclosure: I received this book for free to facilitate this feature.


  1. This is a great book for children. My daughter is 9 and loves this book. She loves all of Dr. Julia Antoine’s children books. This one is her newest favorite. A friend of ours has younger children and they enjoyed it when my daughter read the story to them.

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