Tips to Take Care of Yourself When Pregnant With a Tot

So you are pregnant now. Stay Cool! All you need to do during your pregnancy is to stay cool and happy to have a safe and healthy pregnancy. Pregnancy is not an easy period for any woman, especially for those who already have a tiny tot around. As a matter of fact, pregnancies with a second child and beyond are quite more challenging than the first pregnancy, because first pregnancy gives the pregnant woman the full freedom to take personal care and rest. On the other hand, being pregnant with the second child or beyond calls to care for the tot, before the self! This post intends to give few tips for women pregnant with a tot.


Taking care of the child and taking care of pregnant self, both would be placed in the first position as both needs equal importance. You have to plan your day with equal concentration and importance for both you and your child inside and out. If you have a tot who sleeps in the day, feel yourself blessed, as it is also your strict napping time, no matter what work you have. Whenever the child sleeps or gives you a free time (being attended by someone else), take rest, leaving all the household chores apart. The baby inside you needs rest, so just for it! Read websites such as for more detailed information on pregnancy care.


Healthy nourishment is the basis of any healthy pregnancy, first, second or whatever. Plan balanced diet for your tot and yourself with food groups that are rich in calcium, vitamins, minerals and mainly folic acid for the pregnant women. Training your tot to eat individually, at least finger foods right at this stage is a very important step for your post-pregnancy.

Be Prepared!

Be prepared mentally and physically to be exhausted all day long, while not losing your temper or relaxation. Sounds weird? Yes, it might, but it is a very important tip for taking care of the child and also being pregnant with the other. The first tot will demand your attention all day long, especially if you don’t have a full-time help around. Either get someone to take care of the tot along with you or getting yourself prepared to be relaxed and handle tot tantrums with patience. Spend some time on TV or park where your tot can be engaged independently, leaving few free moments for you to relax.

Bonding Between The Two

Unless your official work demands, just stay yourself away from other distractions, so the child around you and inside you will feel the goodness of your motherhood, undisturbed. Train your tot to start expecting for the little one so that you can care for the child inside, and your tiny little tot will also learn to care for his or her sibling, without having the sense of attention deprivation.


Bid bye to gadgets and spend lovely time with your tot and introduce the child inside to your tot and make a bond of friendship between the two even before they get to meet each other.

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