Tips on Halloween Nutritional Swapping for Kids

Coined ‘America’s Green Nutritionist’, Kate Geagan, a frequent guest on morning news and talk shows, has helped millions of Americans fall in love with healthier, greener food choices that powerfully nourish their lives.  An award-winning dietitian and the author of Go Green Get Lean: Trim Your Waistline with the Ultimate Low-Carbon Footprint Diet(Rodale), Kate helps families thrive in America’s food landscape. Kate, who is also a mother of two, offers the following strategies to help your family survive the Halloween junk food frenzy and suggests insight to nutritional swapping.

1.      Spell out HALLOWEEN and hand out healthy snack packs such as Earth’s Best (Sesame Street) Organic Letter of the Day Vanilla Cookies.  Candy won’t crowd out the healthy foods if kids are intrigued with the tasty alphabet treat.

2.      Who doesn’t love a chocolate chip cookie? KIDSAFE Cookies are a perfect Halloween “treat” in its own little package.

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3.      Fill them up with healthy snacks first!  Foods packed with fiber enriched whole grains like Elmo and Big Bird shapes of Crunchin’ Crackers and Grahams in flavors of cinnamon, chedder and veggie digest slowly and provide your child with a steady stream of energy.

4.   DELICIOUS drinks that are made from real fruit juice purees – perfect treat to go with any snack.

5.   Hand out non-food treats to the trick-or-treaters that come to your door – fake vampire teeth, glo sticks or other fun Halloween goodies.

Hope you find these tips helpful! I know that I do! Earth’s Best is a personal favorite of mine!

Self Disclosure: Tips and photos were provided to facilitate this post. I will be receiving samples and featuring soon so stay tuned! Credit:  Kate Geagan and Earth’s Best.

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