Tips For Creating the Perfect Place Cards for Any Event

This article will give you all of the information needed for planning and creating the perfect place cards for any event including your wedding. First, we’ll talk about how to decide what to write on your place card. Next, we’ll cover guidelines on how to design your cards depending on where they will be used and what style you want them to look like. Finally, you’ll find some ideas for writing something that looks great and includes everything you’d want people to know about your dinner party or wedding reception. But before that, what is a Place card?

What is a Place Card?

Place Card is a special card designed and placed in an event to help with the sitting arrangement. It shows the people where to sit and it might equally help with easy identification and other things such as food serving. These cards are usually used for dining functions and the look of the card may be slightly different for every occasion. For example, you may use a Landscape Card for a dinner event and then a portrait card for an informal party.

What do I need to design my Place Card Design?

Place Card Style

The first thing you need to do is decide what you want your place card to look like. There are a few ideas for how to design place cards depending on the occasion. Let’s start with the different styles and then we’ll work backwards to see what you need to do.

Landscape Card

A landscape design card is designed so that your guests can see everyone sitting at their table. Landscape cards may also allow people to easily spot their friends that they’d like to sit next to while they dine, as well as placing small food items or set up drinks and snacks along the edge of the table.

Portrait Card

A portrait card is designed to look like a photo with your guests around a dinner table. It is the most formal design and the one that you will probably use for your wedding reception. This is the classic style and it can also be used at other events such as an engagement party or christening.

Where do I put my place cards?

The most traditional way to do this is by placing them in front of every person’s table so that they can see where they are sitting and where everyone else is sitting. In case you don’t want to take the time to do this, you can buy pre-made place cards that are already designed for your seating plan. If you go this route, choose a style that matches with the rest of your table setting.

Wedding Place Card Ideas

Use one of these great ideas to give your guests the perfect view of your wedding reception.

Fresh Magnolia Leaf Place Card

This design shows a leaf on the card written your guest’s names on it with a calligraphy pen. If the leaf is too big, you can buy aluminum leaves that will work well. You’ll also need to add small rocks to the bottom of your place cards when designing.

Origami Place Card design

This is a simple design that can include the wedding colors of your choice. You can get a pack of origami paper in different colors, and then use it to write out your guest’s name on the card with an interesting design. This design can as well work as an engagement invitation card.

Handwritten Message Place Card Design

This is more like a creative way of showing where people should be sitting. Instead of using names, you should write out a short message for each guest and put it in front of their chair for everyone to see.


There is something so appealing about a place card that is well thought out and a beautiful design. It’s an excellent way to show your creativity, especially if you choose unique designs that match your style and theme.

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