I know s a busy Mom, I am on the go and have to admit that I can tend to be a worrier! There’s a new brand called Time-Peace and their main message is to Stop Worrying, Start Being. I truly love this message! Time-Peace is a functioning watch, but with more depth than simply the function. As Apple gets ready to premier the Apple Watch to keep you even more connected to technology than ever before, Time-Peace takes an alternative initiative to ground you.  Now, seriously..how cool is that?!

I received a watch from the The Presence Collection $39 – option to select any strap color (not limited to the above). I truly love this new watch. It’s not fancy and it doesn’t do anything technological but I like the feeling of being grounded.

In an effort to simplify our scatterbrains that typically house more thoughts than we can do at once, Time-Peace reminds you instead that the best thing you can do for your mind is to be present. Let other thoughts pass without latching on, as your presence matters. Presence can create a greater clarity within our busy lives, and build stronger relationships than any social network.
Time-Peace has 3 main symbols to remind you to always be present.
  1. Clock symbolizes time is an illusion
  2. Brain symbolizes perception creates reality
  3. Tree symbolizes everything is interconnected
In summation, the 3 symbols represent = the universe in alignmentThe light up dots around the perimeter signify the actual time of day.
Also available is the The LightWarrior Collection $123 – available in black or white straps and option of metals.
This would make a wonderful Mother’s Day Gift!
Self Disclosure: I received a free sample to facilitate this feature. No other compensation was received.

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