Tidus, March 18th Pet of the Week!

Those of you who are “Final Fantasy X” gamers will know that Tidus’ namesake is a worthy, cheerful hero who possesses a character that propels him to be a survivor and not a victim. Our Tidus’ past isn’t as horrible as the character’s, but it’s pretty sad—his owners had to give him up because of human allergies and a testy relationship with the other family dog. He should be his new human’s only dog. Tidus is 2 years old and a bit shy but warms up quickly to potential friends. He also needs an exercise buddy to help shed some of his 30 pounds! Because the shelter is closed to the public, adoption appointments are conducted through appointment, so call 562-570-PETS or email PetAdopt@longbeach.gov to meet Tidus. Ask for ID# A645841.

(This rescue encouraged by the usual suspects.)

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