TickleMe Plant

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Looking for a fun and educational party favor at your child’s next birthday party? Or maybe a fun science experiment for the classroom or home? The TickleMe Plant is the answer! We received the party favor one to try out and am impressed that the plant really does move when you tickle it! It took nearly 3 weeks for the leaves to grow and move when tickled. What I also like is that it really is simple! You just add 3 Tbs of warm water to soften soil pellet, then plant the seeds! It really can’t get much easier than that! It sprouts in days although the first leaves that sprout are not the tickle leaves. This plant can grow indoors all year long and even outdoors in the summer. The party favor plant retails for $6.50 but you can also buy a Family Greenhouse for $21.95. The plant we received includes 10 science project ideas but You can buy a book with more science project ideas for $10.95.  For more information, check out the website.

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Self Disclosure: I received a product free for review purposes but opinions are my own.



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