Through STEAM Fest, Sebastian Guzman Hopes To Integrate The Arts With Science

On February 28th, High School student Sebastian Guzman will host STEAM Fest, a day event celebrating the integration of STEM subjects with the arts through a talent show and seminar.


STEAM Fest will encourage students to showcase their ability to teach STEM subjects through art, such as songs, dances, and poems. The festival will also feature speakers from STEM and arts-related companies and schools who will speak to the importance of blending skill sets to achieve success in the workforce.

Sebastian hopes his festival will keep people interested in science over the long run.

157 Bezos Scholars Have Organized Over 120 Local Ideas Festivals

The Bezos Scholars Program inspires and challenges young people to act on their passions and collaborate to address community needs.

Each year, student Scholars and an accompanying educator attend the Aspen Institute’s Aspen Ideas Festival, which highlights pressing global issues. Scholars then return home to organize their own community change event—a Local Ideas Festival—to bring attention to an important community issue. The LIF is based on the structure of the Aspen Ideas Festival.

Since 2006, 157 students have organized Festivals on everything from prison reform to youth activism and empowerment.

Since 2011, the African Leadership Academy (ALA) in Johannesburg, South Africa, has been a program participant.

The Bezos Scholars Program Leaves A Lasting Community Impact

Bezos Scholars have touched the lives of thousands of people.

Through their Festivals, the Bezos Scholars have engaged an estimated 37,000 attendees. Festivals have been held across the U.S. and in South Africa, where they have drawn attendees from the entire African continent.

Thanks to the passion of Bezos Scholars, more than a third of Festivals have continued on to a second or third year, bringing continued awareness and change to important issues affecting Scholars’ communities. At least two Festivals are in their seventh year, and one festival has been integrated into the Scholar’s school’s curriculum.

Bezos Scholars Take Part In A Yearlong Leadership Development Program

At Aspen, Bezos Scholars participate in a week of events and leadership training. That learning continues at home.

Throughout Scholars’ year in the program, they participate in webinars and trainings that prepare them for their Festivals and also grow their leadership skills. Scholars learn how to identify community issues, build a team, and create community-wide change.

These webinars are a great way for the cohort to stay connected and check in with one another!


Credit: Bezos Scholars.




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