THOMAS & FRIENDS new movie & new episodes to premiere May 11


THOMAS & FRIENDS: THE ADVENTURE BEGINS movie will premiere on May 11, followed by four new episodes during the week. From saving Duck on flooded tracks, to learning what it’s like to go too fast on the Great Western Railway, Thomas and his friends learn how to have fun while working together! Episode descriptions are included below.

The adventure continues on mobile, with the Thomas & Friends Watch and Play app launching on Amazon and Google Play this month, and new games being added to the mobile-friendly Thomas and Friends website.

THOMAS & FRIENDS: The Adventure Begins & New Episodes

“The Adventure Begins” – premieres May 11, 2015
How did Thomas the Tank Engine arrive on the Island of Sodor? How did he become the number 1 little blue engine? This one-hour special tells the origin story behind Thomas and his very special world.

“Fast and Reliable” – premieres May 12, 2015
Old Reliable Edward: Gordon and the big engines tease Edward for being old. When Gordon sees a pair of red trousers blowing by the tracks, he mistakes them for a red danger flag and stops, becoming stuck on Gordon’s Hill. Edward has to give Gordon a push. When Gordon doesn’t even say thank you, so Thomas and Edward decide to teach him a lesson. / Not So Slow Coaches: Annie and Clarabel are always complaining to Thomas about going too fast. Thomas likes to tease them by going too fast or too slow. When Annie and Clarabel find themselves coupled to Caitlin by mistake, they get a taste of what going fast is really like, and poor Thomas gets frightened that they might be taken to the mainland forever.

“Special Friends” – premieres May 13, 2015
Toad’s Adventure: Oliver is always telling brake van Toad about his adventures.  Toad longs to have an adventure of his own. When Toad gets the chance to work with James, he is very excited. But James doesn’t like pulling trucks and goes too fast. When a coupling snaps, Toad gets a bigger adventure than he expected! / Duck and the Slip Coaches: Sir Topham Hatt is concerned about getting all the summer visitors to their destinations on time. Duck tells the other engines about the slip coaches used on the Great Western Railway that could be uncoupled at stations without stopping. James relays the information to Sir Topham Hatt, claiming it’s his idea, but James has never used slip coaches before and soon runs into trouble.

“Please be Patient” – premieres May 14, 2015
Thomas the Quarry Engine: When Thomas and Diesel are sent to collect trucks from the Ffarquhar Quarry, they argue about who should be the back engine. Diesel suggests he take the trucks with Mavis, leaving Thomas to look after the quarry until they get back. When they don’t come back, Thomas gets fed up and decides to take another load of troublesome trucks on his own–and then there really is trouble! Duck in The Water: When Duck gets stuck on some flooded tracks, James is sent to fetch Rocky to rescue him. But James doesn’t wait for Rocky to secure his crane arm, and they end up knocking down a signal before they arrive at the accident site. Without a signal to warn them, the other engines don’t stop. What began as one small accident for Duck soon escalates into a much bigger one, involving several other engines!

“Signals & Alarms” – premieres May 15, 2015
Signals Crossed: Toby is always nervous when he has to go through Knapford Junction with the big gantry signal over the track. One day Toby waits nervously for his signal to change, but it stays on red. He waits and waits, holding up other engines, but the signal doesn’t change. Sir Topham Hatt is very annoyed until everybody finally realizes that the signal is broken. / Thomas and the Emergency Cable: Thomas is on his branch line when a passenger pulls the emergency cable and he has to stop quickly. It turns out it’s not an emergency at all–the passenger is a bird watcher who’s spotted a rare bird. To make matters worse, Clarabel has a flat wheel after being dragged along with her brakes on. The next time Thomas sees the bird watcher he refuses to pick him up. But Thomas learns that that’s not the right thing to do either.

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