Things You Should Know About Diaper Organizer or Caddy

A lot of new moms usually get surprised when they finally realize how fast the baby goes through the diapers and a few other accessories. If you are blessed with a baby, you must learn quick enough and find out how you can make things easily accessible and operate efficiently.

Sometimes you often get entirely occupied. Thus you can’t keep on making constant trips to your baby’s room to change the diapers. This is where the caddies come in.

They help in making life much easier hence the need to get some top diaper caddies for your newborn. With them, you will always be well prepared. Let us see the types of caddies available today.

Types of diaper caddies

These products usually come in various sizes and styles as they come from different manufacturers as well. If you are shopping for organizers, you should also know the available types. This will help you choose the correct product. Below are some of the models.

Portable: A lot of people prefer using a portable caddy. This is because it can remain organized even when you are on the go. These types of organizers are always quite durable and have a handle for convenience. The handles are often made using different materials and come with different colors and decorations as well. They have a lot of compartments that are of different sizes to help you store more accessories.

Hanging: Well, the hanging type can also be considered to be portable if they are suspended from something. Most people would often hang them on the side of the changing table or closet door.

These types are relatively more extensive compared to the portable caddies, and therefore, it can hold more accessories. They can be adjusted to fit different spaces when hanging. For instance, in the back of your car seat while driving.

With this type, you can always take your baby anywhere with you without having to worry about them messing up their diapers.

Stationery: Just as the name suggests, these types of caddies are designed to be kept in a particular place. They are much larger in size compared to the first two types.

This is why they are not great for traveling or when moving. However, due to their massive size, you can keep all you need in there.

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What to consider when shopping for caddies

Just like any other product, there are a few things you need to have in mind when shopping for organizers. They will help you make the right decision and pick the correct item as well. Here are a few things you should look for.

  • Storage space

One of the crucial things to look out for would be the storage size offered by the item you are looking to buy. Try to think about all the things you are going to keep in the organizer and then look to find out if the available compartments will be enough.

A caddy with less separation is often difficult to use. It makes it hard to find what you are looking for and thereby forcing you to take much time.

  • Size

Apart from the storage space, you should also consider the size of the item. Sometimes you are not planning to have a lot of stuff in the organizer. For this, you can go for a smaller one that you can also store easily. However, if you are going to be needing more accessories in there, then it would be wise to get yourself a sizeable sized organizer.

  • Material

Well, as we all know, sometimes changing diapers becomes much messier than you might have thought. For this reason, you should consider getting something made from a material that is easy to clean.

Some of these materials include plastic and polyester. You can also go for something that offers resistance to stains. Many caddies can nowadays be spot cleaned easily or washed in the washing machines.

  • Color

There are those people who would prefer buying things depending on the gender of the baby. If you are one of them, then consider going for gender-specific color.

For instance, pink is always the right choice for girls. Some people would also prefer unisex organizers that can be used for more than one baby. They also look good when stored in any room.

  • Strong handle

Also, it would be great to choose a caddy that has a sturdy handle. This will make it easy for you to grab it quickly when you are in a rush. It’s an added Strong advantage when you get a caddy that has a long handle that can fit over your shoulders. This will free up your hands for other things.

What you can keep in the organizer Here are a few things you might want to stay in your organizer.


This seems to be so obvious, but most people do forget about it eventually. You should always look to have at least one for every time you’ll be out. Also, make sure to pack a few extra ones.


You can also have a few of these in your pack. They are quite helpful when it comes to diaper changes or when dealing with dirty surfaces.

Changing pad

A lot of caddies usually come with a changing pad that’s reusable. Alternatively, you can also get one from the stores separately. You can go for the disposable pads in case you are traveling. Also, a hand towel can work.

Hand sanitizers

These can come in handy, especially after changing diapers and you don’t have any place to wash your hands or the time to do so.


You never know the next time your baby is going to feel hungry. This is why you should consider having a few snacks in the organizer as well.

You can pack some baby food and a spoon. Also, remember to include a few bibs too. Click here for more information about organizers.

Having an organizer can take you a long way. In as much as it makes things easier for you, it also saves you some time. Get yourself one of these excellent products today and have a great experience.

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